Raspberry cakes for the book group

Long did I hesitate, shall I try out a recipe for raspberry cakes that I had recently found in a magazine, or shall I prepare Minny’s cake, a chocolate cake with a secret ingredient, that features in the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett that we were going to discuss at the book group meeting (for insiders: I would of course have left out the secret ingredient for health and safety reasons)?

I found a recipe for Minny’s cake but it required a pie shell which was hard to get. So, I made raspberry cakes.

Raspberry cakes for the bookgroup

Unfortunately they were a little high in calories, so I only had a small piece to try. Yummy was the word! So thought the samplers: husband, son1, son2 and grandma.

At the book group they were eaten by some, while others preferred the also-delicious brownies made by Ingrid. The petit-fours, lovingly bought by Pauline, were also popular, and later on we had some savoury goodies.

More importantly, we discussed the book. More about this later.

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2 Responses to Raspberry cakes for the book group

  1. gnoegnoe says:

    Sounds like your book group meetings are real feasts!

    Funny you thought of bakin Minny’s pie… When we had our first Twin Peaks marathon session with my brother and his wife, Mr Gnoe & I decided to bake the real Twin Peaks Cherry pie! Like you we had a hard time getting the right ingredients, but we managed to do so in the end. And we had fun! The pie was delish but making the crust was kind of a JOB so we haven’t repeated our experiment since then.

    A post about our 2nd Twin Peaks viewing session (and what I made) is on Graasland: there’s a link to the original cherry pie recipe as well.

    • leeswammes says:

      Nice! It’s fun to have relevant food at meetings like that.

      We always try to bring something to the book group meeting (not always home made). Sometimes when I try out something new to bring to the meeting, I still have to hurry to the shop beforehand, to buy something that is NOT a failure. 🙂

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