Hässelby by Johan Harstad

Hasselby by Johan HarstadThis was an interesting, but odd book. It started off really normal, and until about half-way the book I thought this was just a normal story. Then things started to get odd and odder. And that was fun. It became more and more surrealistic, which I enjoyed.

But the end? It was, well, unexpected.

In this book Albert Åberg, 40-something, is finally living on his own. Until a few monhs ago he lived with his father, who has since died. He’s got a job in a department store warehouse, never wanted to be promoted, he was happy as he was.

Soon the reader finds out the Albert has spent some time away from home when he was in his 20s. He went on a Euro rail tour with his friend Vincent, to Hong Kong with a stranger, and lived for some time in Paris. Although he didn’t really want to go back home to his father in Hässelby, he felt he should, and so he did.

Now that his father is no longer, he feels free. He can make his own decisions about the house and his meals. But it’s not quite as easy as that because strange things start to happen that take up all of his time and energy.

It’s a good read, maybe slightly more interesting for a male than a female reader. I was expecting a standard, normal contemporary fiction story, so when it became surrealistic, that was interesting, but for some readers, that may be a little off-putting.

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3 Responses to Hässelby by Johan Harstad

  1. Tes says:

    My sister would love this book. She loves this kind of story. I will suggest this to her. Thanks for sharing.

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