Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Pattern Recognition by William GibsonCayce is a young woman with an interesting job. She looks at logos for new brands or re-designed brands and can decide instantly whether they are going to be catching on or not. So she flies around the world, saying just “yes” or “no” and moving on to the next project.

Her boss in London wants to hire her for quite a different project: a number of short movie sequences have been released via internet and they seem to make one story, but no one is sure of the order the sequences should be placed in and who created them.

A whole community on internet chats about this mystery on forums and people are actively trying to find out who is the source of the pictures.

When Cayce is put on the case, she visits several places in the world, including London, Tokyo and Moscow. She discovers that her flat in London was broken into and starts to feel unsafe. She ends up in several unpleasant situations and does not know who she can trust anymore.

While I liked the way the story was written and liked the main character, I found the reason for her quest quite weak. I never felt convinced that she had to solve this mystery – I didn’t really care either way. I also thought Cayce was a bit of an androgynous character. She sometimes used make-up and she wore a skirt, but otherwise there didn’t seem much femininity in the way she acted or thought.

In the end, the book was fun to read but I was not bowled over by it. 3/5


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2 Responses to Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

  1. Janna says:

    Thanks for the review. This book has been on my TBR pile for quite a while, so long that I no longer remember why I added it to the pile.

    Interesting what you wrote about there not being very much femininity in the main character. Wonder how often that happens when a man writes about a woman.

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