Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker

Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker

Stop Me

I won this book in a giveaway by Stella of Ex Libris courtesy of the publishers Allison & Busby.

Email messages are floating through cyberspace: “Forward this to 10 friends, if it ends up in my mailbox I won’t kill her” (with a description of the victim-to-be). When Leo’s wife Laura disappears, an email like this is sent around. Unlike previous victims, no evidence of Laura’s death is sent to the police. Did the killer, who is known as the Vacation Killer, get the email back in his mailbox? Is Laura still alive?

Leo starts to investigate this after the police have come to a stand-still with their investigation. He gets into contact with the owner of a website about the killings, whom the police already discarded as a crank. His contact with a doctor Mutatkar is short-lived. What is the doctor’s relation to the killings? And is the imprisoned Bonsignore really the Vacation Killer?

Some interesting questions that took most of the book to be answered. The story was not “thrilling” for me but it was a good read. I found some of it very realistic, such as Leo’s way of dealing with Laura’s loss, but some of it, such as the explanation of what really happened, towards the end of the book, a little too unlikely.

The writing was at times a bit shaky and especially in the beginning it took me a little while to get used to the writing style. Later on, when I got into the story, I didn’t really notice the writing style anymore (except in one other point) because my focus was more on the story. I can’t say the writing overall is great. The story is OK but not brilliant. It was not a waste of my time, but I’ve read better books. Rating 3.5/5.

See also the review by Ex Libris.

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4 Responses to Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker

  1. 😦 Nothing frustrates me more than a mystery/suspense novel the is “okay” at best. What a shame — it looked fairly interesting!

  2. I didn’t read this because the writer sent me a friend request on Shelfari, and it was very apparent his only purpose was self promotion. It got a bit annoying, truthfully.

    Once I read the synopsis, I decided it wasn’t for me anyway. Thanks for confirming that.

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