Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

Pop Goes the Weasel

I got this book for €1 in a second-hand book sale and it seemed ideal holiday fodder to me. In the end, I took some other books with me when I went away, so I read this at home, which is also a fine place to read books.

However, I think this book is more suitable for a holiday, when you sit near the swimming pool or beach, get distracted every now and then, read a bit more, and don’t bother too much about the big picture.

I found this book from 1999 to be predictable, cliché, fun to read, unbelievable at points and one of those books of which there are 13 in a dozen.

Alex Cross (this book is one of a series about him), is a police psychologist with a boss who hates him. Don’t all police officers in books and movies have bosses who hate them? Anyway. He’s researching a number of Jane Doe killings in a rough neighborhood in Washington. The (female) victims have been left without clothes or IDs and most are considered hookers. The police (especially that boss of Alex’) are not keen to spend money and man hours on solving the murders. However, Alex is starting to believe that a number of the killings are related and wants to investigate further.

We already know who committed some of these murders: Geoffrey Shafer is a diplomat from the British Embassy who in his free time likes to go around and play a game which leads to the killing of complete strangers.

Cross and his colleagues spend a lot of their time, mostly their own free time, discussing and further researching the killings. At some point Cross’ own fiancée is kidnapped. He expects that it may be the killer who is behind it. The search intensifies.

In all, an OK book. The ending is very unlikely and even the resolution of the kidnapping (a little before the ending) is far fetched. Still, it was interesting to read and definitely suitable for the suitcase.

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3 Responses to Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

  1. Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only one that couldn’t get into these books! I read two of the Cross series a few years back and found them, to be quite honest, rather trite. I’m so glad I’m not alone with this! 🙂

  2. I read this book on holiday about 10 years ago when I went through a James Patterson phase. I remember loving the short chapters and it being page-turning but it really is best suited to a beach holiday. Great books for when you’re brain needs something with a little less substance. I still read the odd patterson now inbetween meatier tomes and they’re always predictable but fun, i find.

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