The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks

The Traveler by John Twelve HawksI loved reading this book. Yet when it comes to writing this review, I think: this is really just a silly, simple story! What is so good about it? And I don’t know. But I loved reading it anyway!

What is it about?

The story is about Maya, who is a Harlequin living in England. A Harlequin is a fighter whose only task in life is to protect the Travelers, people that can mind-travel to other worlds while their body remains behind. However, there are very few Travelers left in the world, maybe none.

The world, by the way, is just the world as you and I know it. It could well be there are Harlequins and Travelers in our world. We wouldn’t know it. Their existence is being kept very quiet.

When Maya’s father dies, she has to take his role as Harlequin (against her wishes) and travel to America to find and protect two possible Travelers, brothers. Their enemy are the Tabula, who wish to destroy all Travelers, for which they have the power and means.

The brothers get split up and one ends up in the hands of the Tabula (but they have something special in mind, and don’t kill him) and the other receives protection from Maya and a few others.

It’s a kind of modern adventure, with Maya and her Traveler traveling through the US trying to hide from the Tabula.

What I thought

I really liked this story. The reason I read is that it was one of the few Dystopia books I could find in the library that I had not read yet. This is the LAST book of my Dystopian challenge, and I wanted to be finished with the challenge so I really just picked up any old book.

I didn’t know I was going to like it this much!

I found Maya intriguing: as a Harlequin she’d been trained since she was very small to defend herself and kill if needed. She tries not to form attachments to people (as she may have to leave them without notice or even kill them). But she can’t help starting to get feelings for Gabriel, the Traveler.

Also I liked how loyal the people siding with the Travelers were. If need be, they’d rather be killed than revealing the whereabouts of the Travelers or Harlequins. Maya and Gabriel got themselves two very loyal helpers who manage to stay alive through all the fighting and destruction.

But really it’s one of those books: the good people (Harlequins and Travelers) try not to kill people, while the bad people (Tabula) always do, of course. The main characters have feelings for each other. Bla bla.

And still, I loved it!

Rating: 5 stars

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4 Responses to The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks

  1. I’ve never given this book a second glance when I’ve seen it on the shop shelves but it does sound really good. Who’da thunk?

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  3. I enjoy these types of stories — there is quite a bit of humanity to be found in these soaring and fantastical ideas, and it’s nice to get swept up in it! Sounds like a fun one!

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