Book Bloggers Abroad (13) – Malaysia

Book Bloggers AbroadWelcome to the weekly guest post in the Book Bloggers Abroad series. Every week a book blogger from a different country will be featured who will talk about what it’s like to be a book blogger where he or she lives.


Our guest blogger for today is Kah Woei from Malaysia. Her book blog is called The Books of My Life. She reads and reviews a lot of different genres: classics, romance, supernatural, horror. There is something for everyone so go and have a look at her blog!

My name is Kah Woei and I live in Melaka. In the past, Melaka was a major international port and at different times colonized or ruled by the Dutch, Portuguese and English. Due to this history, Melaka was listed in the World Heritage List in 2008. The pictures below (in clockwise order from the top left) is the Palace of Malacca’s Malay Sultanate, the Stadhuys square, a replica of the Frol de la mar which serves as the Maritime Museum and the remains of the A Famosa fort built by the Portuguese.

Since the housing area where my family lives in is near a tourist hot spot and lies along one of the main exits from our state, it has become increasingly normal to encounter traffic jams during weekends and public holidays nowadays. Sometimes, its hard to recall that in the first few years when we first moved in this place was considered the outskirts.

One of the benefits of the development though is having a bookshop closer to home. Buying online is usually more expensive than purchasing printed books and borrowing from the library is not an option. Both the distance and limited collection of English fiction discourage regular trips to the library especially since I prefer reading in English.

That’s also one of the reasons why I’m afraid I can’t recommend any particular local author whom I read or love. The books I loved and enjoyed are actually folk tales written in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia, such as Hikayat Sang Kancil (Tales of Sang Kancil) , Hang Tuah (The adventures of Hang Tuah), Puteri Gunung Ledang (Legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang) and so on which are mostly written for children. In recent years, the bookstores here have started promoting local English authors but I haven’t yet seen a book I truly want to read.

At the moment, I’m unemployed as the company I worked for went bust. This gives me more time to read and blog in between looking for a job. Still, the number of books I read per week has not changed much. I’m still reading an average of 2-3 books every week. Probably because in the past I’d find some extra time by going in earlier to work, then sit in the car and read first. The weather in our county is hot all year round, so reading outside for long is a no-no. Mornings however are cool enough.

A glimpse of my “bookshelves”. Lack of space means my books end up wherever space is available. Older books are either packed away in boxes or given away.

Click on the world for a Google Maps picture!

Thanks Kah Woei, for letting us have a look at your life as a reader and blogger. I like it how you used to sit and read in the car. That is a sign that you are a devoted reader!

Don’t forget to take a look at Kah Woei’s blog. If you have any questions or comments for Kah Woei, just leave them in the comments section.

Next week Lisa from Canada will be visiting us for the fourteenth Book Bloggers Abroad guest post. Don’t miss it!

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3 Responses to Book Bloggers Abroad (13) – Malaysia

  1. Carin B. says:

    You have very neat bookshelves! It inspires me to fix my own that are kind of a mess right now!

    Melaka looks really beautiful. The Sultanate’s Palace looks amazing!

    I can’t believe you read in your car if it is so hot outside. I live in a place that is pretty hot for most of the year and I would die if I read in the car! 😀 You are totally brave!

    I love your post. Malaysia looks beautiful!

  2. Novroz says:

    I didn’t know we live so close to each other. I don’t know if you remember me, we often visited each other during teaser tuesday. No wonder you know about Manga.

    It was quite a surprise when I see your name here 🙂 a nice surprise, I like reading your post. I hope you get a new job soon.

    Just like Carin said, that’s a neat shelf. But giving away books is something I couldn’t do…unless I hate the book, I’ll swap it anytime.

  3. Kah Woei says:

    @Carin B.
    I only read in the car in the mornings when the temperature is relatively cool. I couldn’t do that in the afternoon. Too hot as you say … 🙂

    Yup, I recognized you. HaHa! And thanks for your good wishes. Actually, I am just recently employed. I am in fact attending training my new company sent me to.

    Don’t be too amazed at the next bookshelves. Of course I decided I should do my annual bookshelf re-organization a bit earlier. They’re slowly going back to being as messy as before. LOL.

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