Book Bloggers Abroad (14) – Canada

Book Bloggers AbroadWelcome to the weekly guest post in the Book Bloggers Abroad series. Every week a book blogger from a different country will be featured who will talk about what it’s like to be a book blogger where he or she lives.


Our guest blogger for today is Lisa from Canada. Her book blog is called Star Metal Oak Book Blog. She reads and reviews fantasy, scifi, YA, historical fiction and more. There is something for everyone so go and have a look at her blog!

Interview with Lisa

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Lisa and I live in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec. I live with my boyfriend and our cat, Roxie. I’m currently a student and in my last year of my bachelor’s degree in art history. Besides books, I really love art. In order to meld the two I’m going to go to library school to hopefully become an art librarian.

Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal

I’m originally from Ontario but I moved to Montreal to be with my boyfriend and also because I think this city rocks. There are tons of things to do, it’s home of the Canadian hockey team, has great architecture and art, and there are people from all over the world.

Where do you get your books from?
I usually get my books from the bookstore in downtown Montreal (as seen in the picture) because it’s near my school and sometimes I can’t resist going in there. There are also many small used bookstores that I like to check out once in a while for some hidden gems. When I’m short on money I use the main library called Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, which has a large selection of French and English books.

Indigo Bookstore

Indigo Bookstore

What are your circumstances? Can you read and blog a lot?
I’m a full time student and art history has a lot of reading homework so I find that I have time to read and blog but I can get burnt out reading too much. To get over this I try to make sure I read really awesome books which will inspire me to read more.

I don’t think I have as much time as others to blog but I try to do so at least once a day or every other day. One thing I do like to do is catch up on all the blogs I follow each day.

I don’t have much space since we live in an apartment so my reading spot is usually the couch or the bed at night time. My cat, Roxie, loves to sit with me while I read.



What language(s) do you read in? Is this also the language of your country/community?
I read in English. The official language of Quebec is French which means you’ll find that everything here is written in French. Canada has two official languages, French and English. I have found that some people are surprised that all products here have French and English packaging.

What national author would you recommend?
I have two authors to recommend. For urban fantasy fans, Kelley Armstrong writes some great novels in her Women of the Otherworld series beginning with Bitten. For those who are interested in science fiction I can recommend Robert J. Sawyer, author of FlashForward and a book I particularly liked, WWW: WAKE.

Click on the world for a Google Maps picture!

Thanks Lisa, for letting us have a look at your life as a reader and blogger. Downtown Montreal looks really cool. I would love to go there sometime. And your sweet cat! She looks adorable.

Don’t forget to take a look at Lisa’s blog. If you have any questions or comments for Lisa, just leave them in the comments section.

Next week Carly from England will be visiting us for the fifteenth Book Bloggers Abroad guest post. Don’t miss it!

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I'm owner and editor at In my free time, I read and review books on my two blogs, Leeswammes' Blog and De Boekblogger.

8 Responses to Book Bloggers Abroad (14) – Canada

  1. Rachel says:

    What a great post. I would love to visit Montreal. Thanks Lisa!

  2. rikkiscraps says:

    Great post, Lisa. Montreal seems to be a good mixture of old and new architecture. It looks very nice.

  3. I’m always interested in ‘meeting’ new Canadian bloggers. Thanks for spotlighting this one.

    • leeswammes says:

      Isn’t it funny, Chris, how many bloggers there are that we’ve never met before? It happens to me all the time. I wonder how many of us there are in total!

  4. Carin B. says:

    I must go to Quebec for some good poutine! I’ve heard it’s the best in Montreal! I’ve never had it and I want the best!
    Sadly, I’ve only been through the airport in Montreal but someday I would like to visit!

    I love this post. Your cat is quite cute. Are you a native French speaker or have you had to practice more since you got there? I get the feeling people on the east coast are more fluent in French than on the west coast. No one spoke French at all in BC when we visited, but lots of people spoke French in NS.

    • Lisa says:

      No, I am not a native French speaker, but I have been practicing since I moved here. And yes, there is quite a lot of francophones on the east coast. New Brunswick is another place where there’s quite a few french speakers. I suppose it has to do with history and how the french settlers never made it quite as far as BC.

      Oh, and the poutine is awesome!! It’s way better here than in Ontario!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments!! 😀

  6. Tes says:

    What a great post! Montreal sounds like a wonderful place.

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