The Princess Bride Read-A-Long Week 4


The Princess Bride by William Goldman

October is the month of the Princess Bride Read-A-Long! Chris from Chrisbookarama is hosting this event. I’ve neither read the book before nor seen the movie so it’s all new for me.

This week we read: Part 7 and 8.

The story didn’t improve much since last week’s installment, I’m afraid to say. There were a few fun parts in the story but overall I found it unsatisfying.

Inigo and Fezzik rescue Westley from the dungeons. To do so, they have to face all kinds of dangerous animals while descending down towards the level where Westley is kept, but he is dead already. They then take him to a healer who uses a potion to give Westley a bit of life, it should last an hour, after which he will be alive, but very weak for some time.

Westley manages to find Buttercup and threatens Humperdinck. Buttercup leaves with Westley but they will always need to worry about Humperdinck chasing after them.

What I thought:

Fun: the little but extremely lethal spider that gets killed by Inigo’s boot. The magic used to revive the dead Westley and the time limit on his livelyness. [Note that this is the second book that I read this week in which a dead body gets moved around, a practice of which I am not a fan; see HERE for the other book]

What I sincerely didn’t like was how Buttercup and Westley were reunited (after Humerdinck was ditched). Where was the violin music, where were the flowers and the kisses? Why did the author have to interfere again and end the book on a low? Very disappointing.

Did you read this book? Do you agree?

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4 Responses to The Princess Bride Read-A-Long Week 4

  1. rikkiscraps says:

    Ah, what did you expect of the reunification? Already the first declaration of love was very anticlimatic. And if THAT is without violins and roses, I don’t expect anymore from the getting together again. All the true love babble aside. Westley and Buttercup are a quite pragmatic couple.

    • leeswammes says:

      You’re right, Rikki, pragmatic they are! But princesses and pirates, you might expect a BIT more romance! I must see if that movie is (much) better!

  2. Oh no! Too bad. I hope you see the movie; it is enjoyable. At least the body did get reanimated and it wasn’t a Weekend at Bernie’s situation.

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