Holiday Presents from Companies

A bribeLately I’ve been sending and receiving quite a few small and bigger packages. This is not all to do with Christmas, as you might think.

For instance, there was the recent Great grocery Bag Exchange in which I received bags and goodies from the Philippines and the Book Read ‘Round the World feature, in which I received (and sent on) a book and a lot of goodies from Canada.

This week, I received some Scottish prizes after winning a British Adjectives Quiz, and last week some sweets from For Books Sake as a bribe.

Furthermore, I got several books, from Bookmooch, for review (Harper Perennial) and a win in a giveaway (ECWPress).

So, packages enough arriving on my doorstep this week. Then yesterday a small one arrived, it fitted through the letterbox and contained:

Choc Letter Package

A small chocolate letter with an invitation to join an online “prize festival”. This was from my electricity supplier, Eneco. In other words, a marketing ploy. But what a nice one!

The chocolate letter has a background: in the Netherlands, we’ll be celebrating Sinterklaas on Sunday (December 5th). What this is exactly, you can read in my Virtual Advent Tour post tomorrow, but one of the things people give each other at Sinterklaas, is chocolate letters in the shape of one’s initial. This is what mine looked like:

Chocolate Letter

Yes, looked like. Not looks like. 🙂

I don’t often get holiday gifts from companies and when I do, I tend not to appreciate them all that much (although the calender from the bank used to be nice), but this one was ace!

Do you ever get holiday presents from a company where you are a customer? What is the best present from a company that you ever got? Don’t count those that you get because you work there or because your company is their customer (although you can still tell me!), but I mean that you got as an individual, a customer or a citizen.

By the way, my husband got a BIG chocolate letter from his work this year and I used to get a banketletter (pastry in the shape of a letter filled with almond/sugar paste, hmmmmm) from the place where I worked.

But as a customer, I think this chocolate letter was the best thing I ever got. Pathetic? It’s chocolate!

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13 Responses to Holiday Presents from Companies

  1. Cindy says:

    I get a lot of cook books to review and product samples to test in cooking. I also get A LOT of cases of wine sent in the hopes that I will endorse the brands. I am always grateful for the gifts.

    • leeswammes says:

      Oh, cookbooks! How nice. I love cook books but find them so expensive.

      And wine! So you don’t need to buy much wine yourself for Christmas. Although you’d probably check out first to see if they’re worth saving for the festivities…. 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    I must shop with really tight companies because I never get anything LOL A great little haul these.

  3. Dorte H says:

    From companies? Boring old calendars.

    But last year my employer, the upper secondary school, introduced a new custom: they gave us all a nice Christmas basket – including some great cookies and tasty chocolate.

    • leeswammes says:

      Calendars, Dorte, I know, I know! We used to get them from the bank. Not anymore though!

      In the Netherlands, lots of people used to get Christmas baskets (boxes with luxury foodstuffs and sometimes a non-food item such as a hand mixer or toaster, something like that). Although, I think there were then stories about them having to be taxed (as they started to contain quite expensive items) so I’m not sure what happened with that tradition.

  4. Hey, you actually got a letter J.? They’ve sent me a B. O_o

    I believe it was custom for employers to give their employees a banketletter in the old days. But I never, ever received one. Even though I’ve worked for quite a number of them as a project employee. This pastry is too expensive these days. 😉

    • leeswammes says:

      You got a B? I thought they just took the initial of the person on the bill. No B where you are? A terrible mistake to make. I hope it tastes just as well. At least they sent a proper brand and not a supermarket make.

      Yes, banketletters are expensive, but my old employers would buy 200 anyway, from a very good baker’s in Amsterdam, too. Money to burn, maybe!

  5. Diane says:

    It is always such a treat to receive unexpected packages in the mail! Enjoy

  6. I love that big chocolate J! My mouth is watering…..need to go and raid the cupbords! 😉

  7. leeswammes says:

    Today, I received a bottle of Prosecco and a Christmas card from the painter that did our outdoors this summer. Nice!

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