Book Bloggers Abroad Recap

Book Bloggers Abroad

Book Bloggers Abroad is over! Over the last half year, 26 book bloggers have shared their experience of reading and blogging in the country they live in. We have got to know them a bit better and also learned something of their country.

The feature has been very popular and many people are sorry to see it has now finished. But all good things must come to an end, and it’s better to end on a high!

Here’s a recap of what you’ve been seeing the last 26 Thursdays:

We went to every continent (except Antarctica) and visited 17 countries. 5 countries were visited more than once (but always with a totally new story). Most people were natives to their country but in a few cases we had people that had moved to the country from elsewhere.

The continents

AUSTRALIA (3): we visited Australia twiceRachel of And the plot thickens… and Amanda of Desert Book ChickNew ZealandCat of Tell Me A Story.

EUROPE (8): we visited GermanyRikki of The Bookkeeperthe UK trice – Jane of For Books ‘ Sake, Carly of Writing From The Tub, and Jackie of Farm Lane Books Blog; France Charlotte of The Book on the HillThe NetherlandsGnoe of GraaslandFinland Milka of Read.Read.ReadBelgiumAlexandra of The Sleepless Reader

ASIA (6): Indonesia Novroz of Novroz’ Favorite Things; Sri LankaMystica of Musings from Sri Lanka; Malaysia Kah Woei of The Books of My Life; India twice – Misha of My Love Affair With Books and Tes of Tes at Home; Philippines Chachic of Chachic’s Book Nook; and JapanNat of In Spring It Is The Dawn.

AFRICA (1): Ghana – Kinna of Kinna Reads.

NORTH AMERICA (7): USA five times – Belezza of Dolce Bellezza, Mari of Bookworm with a View, Esme of Chocolate and Croissants, Cathy of Kittling: Books, Colleen of Col Reads; Canada twice – Lisa of Star Metal Oak Book Blog and Lydia of The Literary Lollipop.

SOUTH AMERICA (1): BrazilLarissa of Larissa’s Life

I’m very grateful for all you bloggers participating: thank you very much. I think lots of people have found new blogs and new blogging friends through Book Bloggers Abroad and that is very nice.

What’s Next?

Book Bloggers Abroad 2011 Challenge If you like, join me in the Book Bloggers Abroad 2011 Challenge. Every week over the last 6 months, the featured book blogger left some recommendations about authors from their country. I’m planning to read some of those. If you want to find some new authors from all over the world: join me!

And the new weekly feature on Thursdays is going to be the Back of the Book competition. Each week, I will show you the back cover of a book and you’ll have to guess which book it is. You are invited to send in your own pictures of back covers! Hope you’ll join me in this crazy competition.

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I'm owner and editor at In my free time, I read and review books on my two blogs, Leeswammes' Blog and De Boekblogger.

16 Responses to Book Bloggers Abroad Recap

  1. Novroz says:

    It’s been a great event Judith. Thank you for hosting it 🙂

  2. chasing bawa says:

    I thought this was a lovely feature too. So nice getting to know a little bit more about the people behind the blogs!

  3. Carin B. says:

    I loved this feature. Learning about the places people live is so interesting. Thanks for running it and introducing me to a bunch of different bloggers worldwide. You have a great blog, Judith!

  4. rikkiscraps says:

    Great recap of a great feature, Judith. Now I can go and visit all the ones I missed easily.

    I love the idea for the back of the book competition – what a fun idea. I will make sure I won’t miss any Thursday…


    • leeswammes says:

      … and send a back of a book in, Rikki, if you have a nice one (I will black out all the evidence to the title or author).

      • rikkiscraps says:

        Are you looking for certain criteria? Especially plain, flashy, outrageous…?
        I’ll have a look around.

      • leeswammes says:

        Anything will do, Rikki! Some weeks, it may be so easy that everyone can guess it, and other weeks, if only the creme de la creme guesses it, that would be fun, too! 🙂

        So, any cover you’d like. As long as the book has been on your blog the last half year or so.

  5. amymckie says:

    Thank you for running this! Sorry I didn’t get back to you in time and now it’s over 😦 oops!

  6. Rachel says:

    This was a good feature Judith, I enjoyed participating and reading all the other bloggers posts. It was very interesting.

    Back of the book sounds interesting too…

    • leeswammes says:

      I hope Back of the Book will be fun, too, Rachel. People that send in a cover picture will be featured with their blog but not in so much detail as in Book Bloggers Abroad.

  7. I’m sorry to see this come to an end but building a reading list will give us great choices for 2011. I plan to read a few of the books on the list – I just need to get settled first.

    I have had company at the house for over two weeks, race day is next week. After Jan 8 life can regain order and peace! 🙂 HA

    I hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  8. Bellezza says:

    I so enjoyed Book Bloggers Abroad; what a great idea! Also, it sounds fun to have a Back of The Book competition. You’re full of interesting plans! Happy New Year!

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