Weekend Cooking: Chocolate Pear Pudding

Weekend Cooking

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Last week, I wanted to make a nice and quick desert for my family, and decided to make a Chocolate Pear Pudding from Nigella Lawson’s website. Each month, she has a “Cookalong” where one recipe is featured which readers can make and comment on. The chocolate pear pudding sounded easy and yummy.

Chocolate Pear Pudding

It’s a recipe that you can probably make any time, as it needs only some basic cupboard ingredients.

You can read the full recipe on Nigella’s website, but it’s very simple: put some canned pears at the bottom of an oven dish, and cover this with a mixture of flour, cocoa powder, sugar and eggs. Of course, some baking powder too and some bicarbonade of soda, which I was very proud to have.

You see, I haven’t been able to find baking soda in Netherland but in England it’s easy to get hold of. So when I was there over Christmas, it was on my shopping list!

Anyway, you just mix it all (with some vanilla extract) until it becomes smooth. Our dough wasn’t runny enough (or our baking dish was too big) so we weren’t able to cover all the pears, but this didn’t matter. The dough spread out during cooking to fill most of the dish.

What else can I say? It was delicious. Nigella speaks of the need of chocolate sauce but we found it rich enough. It reminded me a lot of brownies (on top of pears, that is!), but the brownies I make don’t contain any flour.

We ate it still warm, with ice cream (just plain vanilla) and it was lovely.

Choc Pear Pud

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25 Responses to Weekend Cooking: Chocolate Pear Pudding

  1. The recipe sounds great. I wonder how it will taste with some apples.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Maybe, 30creative. Not sure about apples. Maybe it would work because they would turn to a sort of mush (and you need something soft). But I’m not sure if apples and chocolate is the best combination. How about raspberries?

  2. Mary says:

    Nigella is so much fun to watch and I think this recipe sounds delicious.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Yes, I like watching Nigella too, Mary. She makes nice food looks like something we deserve rather than something we shouldn’t really have. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. teadevotee says:

    yumyumyumyumyum. Seriously, I could eat that whole thing in one go.

  4. I bet my hubby would love this. he loves pears. I never thought to combine pears with chocolate.

  5. Beth F says:

    Ummmmm warm pear cake with vanilla ice cream? I’m on a plane on my over. I’ll bring some baking soda with me.

  6. I’m sure I would love that. Yum!

  7. not sure I like the idea of chocolate and pears…but warm with ice cream, I would give it a go. 🙂

  8. michelle says:

    I adore pears and love the idea of covering them with chocolate! This looks so easy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh anything that has chocolate is hard for me to pass up!

  10. This looks lucious! I love that close up photo — kind of abstract art.

  11. shelleyrae@ Book'd Out says:

    Sounds delicious

  12. Chinoiseries says:

    Yum, pear and chocolate! Did you use canned pears like the recipe calls for? Why not fresh ones? Also, didn’t know we could get canned pears in Holland 🙂
    Baking soda is at least readily available at every “toko” (Asian store) 😉 (In case you run out soon)

    • Leeswammes says:

      Yes, I used canned pears, because I had them in the house. Fresh pears are a problem as they ripen at their own pace and I can never plan in advance when they are ready to use. We use them only as a snack between meals. How come you did not know we have canned pears here? Do you use fresh fruit mainly?

      Toko is a great advice, thanks! I didn’t know about that. I bought two tubs which probably will last me beyond their expiration date. 🙂

  13. Marie says:

    This sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for posting it.

  14. Suzanne says:

    This sounds yummy.

  15. Heather says:

    What an interesting combination. I wouldn’t think to put pears and chocolate together.

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