Book Review: Solace by Nicci Gerrard

Solace by Nicci Gerrard

This book is one of those books that spent a while on my shelf and I kept ignoring it. For my January resolution, I could pick books only from my TBR shelf, and this was one of them. And it was better than I had hoped.

Solace: What it is about

Adrian and Irene are a nice couple with three daughters. They get along OK but there isn’t anything special between them anymore.

At a party, Adrian enjoys the company of Frankie, the sister of Irene’s best friend and soon he can’t stop thinking about her. After a while, they start having an affair.

When Irene finds out, she has a severe breakdown. After several other, more pleasant, events, she comes out a stronger woman.

Solace: What I thought

I enjoyed this book a lot. Well, especially the second half. In the first half, the story turns from “okay” to “bad” (as in what happens to the characters) and it takes the second half of the book to recover from that. I didn’t so much enjoy the “bad” parts as find them interesting and well-written.

The whole book is totally believable. When Irene has her breakdown it seems very real. I would expect someone to behave like that when breaking down. Also Adrian’s falling in love with Frankie and not being able to stop himself from starting an affair sounded very possible.

I didn’t like the way the story was told. At first, the perspective is not only from Irene, but also from her husband Adrian. Later, it’s just Irene. That was a bit strange, as we didn’t hear from Adrian what he thought about the (new) situation. Having just Irene’s perspective would have been more consistent, although, admittedly, we would have lost some of the believability of Adrian’s actions.

In all, a book worthy of my time!

Rating: 4/5

I got this book: from a book swap

I read this in: Dutch, the original language is English

Number of pages: 2004

First published: 304

Genre: contemporary fiction

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10 Responses to Book Review: Solace by Nicci Gerrard

  1. Chinoiseries says:

    Looking at the cover, it wouldn’t be a book that I’d pick up. But your review shows once again that we should not judge a book solely by its cover (pun intended). It appears that this book is very insightful. Too bad indeed that only the side of the woman is shown, I mean, even though she is the one that was abandoned by her husband, the relationship apparently wasn’t working any longer and had not been for a long time… and so, the husband is perhaps not the only one to “blame”?
    I think I’d like to read this book at some point (hint hint) 🙂

  2. Nadine Nys says:

    i totally agree with chinoiserie, Based on the cover I would never buy this book. I will have to be more careful, NeXT time I’m in a bookshop.

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy dramas like this, so I may add this to my TBR list. Have a wonderful week…..

  4. Alex says:

    Why solace? Is it him that finds it in the affair?

  5. I like stories like this, real life. It’s interesting to see that you had issues with the book but gave it 4 stars. I’m curious now and will see if I can find a copy.

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