5 Best Books … In Which Books Are Essential To The Plot

5 Best BooksCassandra of Indie Reader Houston is running the meme: “5 Best Books”. Every week, a different topic is suggested by Cassandra and participants list what they think are the 5 best book for that topic. Click HERE to see the topics for the next few weeks.

This week, the topic is 5 best books in which books are essential to the plot. We book lovers really enjoy books the best when they are about books and libraries, don’t we? Here are the books about books that I enjoyed most.

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

Hannah Heath, an Australian manuscript restorer is asked to come to Sarajevo (in former Yugoslavia) to examine and restore a 500 year old Haggadah, a Jewish religious book.

Hannah finds a few clues to previous owners of the book, such as a wine stain, a hair, a wing of a butterfly. The story of Hannah is then intermixed with the stories of how the clues ended up in the book. So, we go back to 1942, when the book was saved from the war, back to 1609 when it was in Venice, and back to 1492 in Spain.

On the way, we learn a lot about the history of the Jews in Europe, and about european history more in general.

The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland

The Gum Thief by Douglas CouplandThis is mostly about a diary but also about a book that’s being written.

It deals with a middle aged man, Roger, who has lost everything and works in a office supplies store. He keeps a sort of diary and when one of his co-workers, a 20 something woman called Bethany,  finds this, she starts writing in this diary too.

Meanwhile Roger has started a story which he hopes to publish as a book, that is presented in parts throughout the book, and Bethany encourages him to go on with it. Things happen that change both Roger’s and Bethany’s quiet existence.

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia AhernTamara finds a notebook that has a pre-written entry in her own handwriting, dated the next day. With this information, she is able to foresee and sometimes change the future, as there is a new entry every day.

Her mother and aunt are acting very mysteriously about the past of their family. With the help of the book, Tamara finds out what really happened in the past.

My review: HERE.

The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble

The Reading Group by Elizabeth NobleA group of women comes together to discuss books. They all have their own problems with life.

As they get to know each other better, they talk about their lives using the books they read as examples.

On the way, the women become friends and help each other out.


The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

A mysterious book in which stories repeat themselves.

A 10-year old boy finds a book in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. He soon finds out there are others who would like this book. All other books by this writer have been destroyed.

When he is a little older he decides to find out more about the writer and ends up in a sort of complot.

What books about books made a big impression on YOU?

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28 Responses to 5 Best Books … In Which Books Are Essential To The Plot

  1. Petra says:

    Hey that’s nice, I coincidently just have ‘Het boek van morgen’ as my next read! I love books within books.

  2. Cindy says:

    What about that one about the crowd of Jane Austen-mad readers?

  3. Tes says:

    I’ve read The Book of Tomorrow and it was awesome. And I really interested in The Shadow of the Wind now 🙂

  4. I loved People of the Book and also Shadow of the Wind. I can’t think of any more books about books right now but I’m bound to have read plenty.

  5. Julie P says:

    Cool idea for a list! I have read the Ahern book and really enjoyed it, and I think I have the Noble book waiting for me on my shelf.

    Thanks for sharing, Judith….

  6. Cassandra says:

    I knew that Shadow of the Wind would end up on other lists, but it’s one of my favorites. I resisted on The Book Thief, though.

    Thanks for joining in. It’s been a slow week for 5 Best Books.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Cassandra, yes, I couldn’t help it. I knew *Shadow of the Wind* was on your list, but I wanted it on my mine too. 🙂

      I didn’t appreciate *The Book Thief* as much as some other people. I thought it was a good book, but not worth the hype.

  7. Young1 says:

    The Book of Tomorrow is great – and so is your review. I agree with the part about the ending being well slightly unnecessary with the way it was written compared to the rest of the book.

  8. Wendy says:

    Oh, I LOVE books about books! There are two AMAZING books about books by Australian authors. One is called Tears of the Moon, by Di Morrissey; another is Angel of Ruin, a spooky one by Kim Wilkins. Both brilliant! I thought The Book Thief was incredible, and really enjoyed The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I thought The Ghost Writer by Robert Harris was clever, as was the film. The Da Vinci Code also has bookish references and I loved that too. The Book of Tomorrow was enthralling! xx

    • Leeswammes says:

      Wendy, thanks for all these suggestions! I’ve heard of Di Morrissey, but not read her. *The Historian* was one of the books I wanted to use for this list but I couldn’t think of the title and author any more! So, thanks for reminding me.

  9. Suzanne says:

    I forgot about People of The Book — that was a good one.

  10. Kim says:

    I’m a fan of The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

  11. Miel et Lait says:

    I still haven’t read “The book of tomorrow” but while it was an ARC, it was a giveaway from the publisher on a contest — no review required!

    I am definitely inspired to give it a go!

  12. curlygeek04 says:

    Shadow of the WInd was a very cool book. I wanted to like People of the Book a lot more than I actually did, but I liked being able to look up information about the actual Haggaddah. This is a great topic, I love books about books even if I can’t think of others at the moment.

  13. People of the Book is one of my favorites! Loved, LOVED this book and became a huge fan of Geraldine Brooks after this. I’ve read Year of Wonders (also loved) and am excited to read Caleb’s Crossing, too.

    • Leeswammes says:

      I haven’t read *Caleb’s Crossing* yet, but I loved *Year of Wonders*. That was my favorite book by Brooks. Looking forward to Caleb!

  14. Esme says:

    The Shadow of the Wind is a favorite of mine.

  15. Trisha says:

    I have not read any of those, but I want to read all of them. More for the wish list.

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