New Arrivals!

Oh dear, I’ve got friendly with the delivery man again, it seems! Quite a few new books. Yes, I love it! I present you with just the books I got for review, as the list would get too long otherwise. I’ll leave the others till next time.

Books for review

The Ugly Sister by Jane Fallon

The Ugly Sister by Jane Fallon

I got this book from PenguinBenelux. I read it last week and enjoyed it a lot.

It’s about a thirty-something woman, single but with a daughter who’s going on a gap year. Her sister in London invites her to come and stay over the summer with her and her family. Her sister is a famous fashion model and they have been out of touch for a while. This is a good opportunity to become closer again. But does the sister only want a free nanny?

The World We Found by Thrity Umrigar

The World We Found by Thrity Umrigar

An ARC from Harper.

Description (from the inside cover): “University students in late-1970s Bombay, Armaiti, Laleh, Kavita, and Nishta were inseparable. […] Following different paths, the quartet has drifted apart, and the day-to-day demands of work and family have tempered the revolutionay fervor they shared.

Then comes devastating news: Armaiti, who moved to America, is gravely ill and wants to see the old friends she left behind. […] In the course of their journey to reconnect, [the four women] must confront the truths of their lives – acknowledge long-held regrets, face painful secrets and hidden desires, and reconcile their idealistic past and their compromised present.”

Korte verhalen schrijven [Writing Short Stories] by Ton RozemanKorte verhalen schrijven [Writing Short Stories]

by Ton Rozeman

From Dutch publishers Augustus for review, and they sent a second copy that I will give away on my Dutch blog.

About a new way of writing short stories: treating a story as a photograph with borders, light fall, etc.

Men Dancing by Cherry Radford

Men Dancing by Cherry Radford

For review from the author.

Description: “Dr Rosie Buchanan – weary hospital scientist, frustrated musician, cheated wife and struggling mother – finds herself sitting next to charismatic Royal Ballet star Alejandro Cortés on a London train. Half an hour later, she starts to feel she’s misheard her true calling – and is soon doing research of a very different kind.

Rosie arranges a bogus research visit at Alejandro’s home, and is thrilled when he and his girlfriend ask her to teach them the piano. And she tries to overcome the pain of her failing marriage to Jez, and the obsession with Alejandro, by accepting comfort from consultant Ricardo Pereira. But so begins a complex dance of passion, betrayal, loss and redemption…”

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn

From Netgalley. Officially, I don’t read ebooks, but I’d seen a few positive reviews about this so I wanted to give it a go.

Description: “Inspired by a supermarket encounter with a woman loading up on processed foods, Flinn decided to use her culinary training to help nine novice cooks find their cooking confidence. The Kitchen Counter Cooking School takes these lessons and provides practical, healthy tips to boost your culinary self-confidence, and strategies to get the most from your grocery dollars, as well as simple recipes to get you cooking.”

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Something completely different: there is still time to enter my Ugly Covers giveaway for a book with quite an ugly cover (paperback or Kindle version, both world-wide): The Human Race by O. C. Heaton. Look at the end of this post for the giveaway.


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22 Responses to New Arrivals!

  1. Love your books! I read and reviewed the Ugly Sister, which I thought was a pretty good book on sibling rivalry. Happy reading!

  2. WOW, great books Judith! Just yesterday we were talking about how different the books can be that we read and today you list three books that I have read or plan to read. 🙂 Funny how that happens.

    I can’t wait to read Umrigar’s new book. Enjoy

    • ps: Three women have read my copy of the Kitchen Counter book, they have all made recipes from it and rave about this one.

      • Leeswammes says:

        That’s brilliant, Mari. I’m reading the book already and enjoying it. It’s a little boring some of the time to follow through the description of each class, but generally, I like it a lot. And it gave me some great cooking ideas too.

  3. Cindy says:

    I think I’d definitely go for the Kitchen Counter one 🙂

    • Leeswammes says:

      Cindy, I think *The Kitchen Counter Cooking School* is way too easy for you to learn anything chef-ish out of it, but you might enjoy reading about a chef who starts educating women in how to cook properly (not just from packets).

  4. Great books! I really need to read something by Thrity Umrigar.

  5. I just picked up The Kitchen Counter Cooking School on the weekend! I loved her memoir about her time at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris — The Sharper the Knife, The Less You Cry. Maybe we could do a readalong?
    I didn’t know Thrity Umrigar had a new novel coming out — I’ve loved her other books.

  6. Uniflame says:

    I have the latter too from NetGalley. Maybe we can do a joined up review? 🙂

    • Leeswammes says:

      Yes, that would be fun! I was thinking to publish the review Sunday week, i.e., November 6th, so I can use it as a Weekend Cooking post (have been absent from that meme too long now). How does that sound?

      • Uniflame says:

        November 6th… wow then I need to hurry because I haven’t started in it yet. But I think I can make that 🙂 (hopefully also try a recipe from it before that time ^^)

  7. Leslie says:

    The Kitchen Counter Cooking School does sound good. Officially I don’t do ebooks either although I have read a few on my computer (and my eyes still haven’t forgiven me for it!).

    • Leeswammes says:

      Leslie, I do enjoy reading *The Kitchen Counter Cooking School* but I only read a bit at a time, on big print, so it’s not too bad. But it’s not something I want to do on regular basis. Although I’m considering buying a Kindle. Just considering…

      • Leslie says:

        I’m thinking about getting one of those Android tablets. Would be so convenient, but I do love my paper books.

      • Leeswammes says:

        I don’t know a lot about tablets, Leslie, but aren’t they backlit? I’m more interested in a dedicated e-reader myself. Yes, I do love my paper books too!

      • Leslie says:

        I think they are backlit. I don’t really want an e-reader but I do want a tablet as a portable computer, so I thought that would be a compromise for when I have an opportunity to get something I really want to read and it’s only available as digital. Cookbooks and gardening books come to mind.

      • Leeswammes says:

        Leslie, for gardening books and cookbooks I think that should be fine indeed. Just normal books I think wouldn’t be quite so nice to rad on a tablet. I’m thinking of a Kindle… still. There’s a new one coming out that looks nice.

  8. Haven’t read any of these, but the first one seems to be around everywhere in Australia at the moment! Enjoy!

  9. RFW says:

    Thanks for some new titles to look for.

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