Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year!

I wish all my blog readers an (even) better new year than the last one was.

I feel a bit like a naughty child, because I wasn’t sure I’d do a post today. Because…. I don’t have to!

You see, last year I pledged to post every day and I did. In fact, I posted a total of 404 blogposts on Leeswammes’ Blog in 2011. I’m very pleased with that, but now that I don’t have to… why not start with a day off? But then, it’s New Year! I have to wish you all a happy one, don’t I?

I’m very pleased to have 450 followers on this blog – last year around this time the number was 150. It’s so nice that 300 more people joined me! Thanks for being around to read my ramblings!

Still to come

I haven’t used my PostADay to do the habitual end-of-year updates. So, you’ll get them in this new year. If I feel like writing them, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • A round-up of the challenges I did
  • An overview of best-books
  • A post about my PostADay challenge
  • A 2011 overview post automatically generated by WordPress

And in the longer term, please look out for the announcement of the next Literary Giveaway Blog Hop (which takes place in February). I’m also thinking of a new feature which will again require audience participation.

I think most weeks you will still find about 5 posts on my blog. Maybe more some weeks and less other weeks.ย As my reading rate will not decrease, I expect, there will still be around 2-3 book reviews per week on this blog. I’m also doing the It’s Monday meme, every Monday. As for the rest… stay tuned!ย 


About Leeswammes
I'm owner and editor at bookhelpline.com. In my free time, I read and review books on my two blogs, Leeswammes' Blog and De Boekblogger.

42 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Rikki says:

    Happy New Year, Judith! I think the new year can be started with a post even if there is no obligation anymore, ;).

  2. Mystica says:

    A very happy new year to you.

  3. parrish says:

    Hands up & step away from the keyboard, No! Away, further than that now turn around & walk away, Don’t look back, I said………

    Best wishes for the Year & will follow with interest how ever often you post.

  4. Leslie says:

    Happy New Year!

  5. Roxanne says:

    Happy New Year to you too! I am not sure if I could keep up with one blog post a day, but then again, I don’t read as many books as you do! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will keep following you in 2012!

  6. harvee says:

    Congrats on posting every day in 2011. That was quite an accomplishment! Happy New Year of reading.

  7. Trisha says:

    Happy New Year to you too! Posting every day is quite a feat (and one I just don’t have the energy to do ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  8. Judith, Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you.

  9. Trish says:

    Congrats on meeting your goal of a post a day in 2011. I hope that 2012 is just as fantastic for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Cat says:

    Happy New Year, Judith!

  11. Happy New Year, Judith. Looking forward to your bookish thoughts in 2012.

  12. JoV says:

    404??!! You are awesome. How did you do it? Do you ever sleep or eat? Happy New Year Judith. Lets see how you beat that number this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thank you for last year! I am looking forward to your 2012-posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Chinoiseries says:

    A very happy and bookish new year to you, Judith! I’m really impressed with your daily posting. Do you reckon you will post a lot less this year now the pressure is off? I still expect very regular posts from you ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to another Literary Blog Hop!

  15. Sandra says:

    Looking forward to your “best-books overview”. Never get tired of lists or best books posts. Always enjoy your blog. Happy reading in 2012.

  16. Suzanne says:

    Happy New Year Judith and congratulations on such a productive 2011.

  17. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    I look forward to following you in 2012 Judith! Happy New year!

  18. Aths says:

    I didn’t realize that you were doing a challenge to post every day. I think it worked great! Happy new year, Judith! Hope you have a great 2012!

  19. Kinna says:

    Happy New Year, Judith. Congrats on the PostADay. Really, you did it superbly and managed to find and post content every day that was engaging. Have a cup of tea/glass of wine on me. Enjoy your reading in 2012.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Kinna, I had one or two days last year that I wasn’t happy with the quality (and content) of my post but generally, I think most post had content that was interesting for at least some people.

      I’ll have that drink, thanks! Happy 2012.

  20. Having done a photo a day challenge twice I know how stressful it can get forcing yourself to do something daily, even if it was intended as a fun exercise at the start. I hope you enjoy your blog freedom in 2012!

    • Leeswammes says:

      It already feels less stressful, Ellie. Well done for 2x 365 photographs. I tried to get my son (13) to do the 365 challenge but he isn’t sure. He got a camera for Christmas and is in fact planning to produce a good photograph for each day of the year. We’ll see.

  21. I remember when you announced that you were going to post every day and I thought to myself, “Goodness me, if she can do it, that would be amazing!” And, my dear, you did it and you are amazing! Good job! I’m lucky to get two a week sometimes *blushes*

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