Excited about Bloggiesta!


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about bloggiesta which is next weekend (starting Friday 30th March and lasting until Sunday April 1st). It’s organised by Suey of It’s All About Books.

Bloggiesta is my excuse to spend an insane amount of time on my hobby: my blog. I already have a list of things I want to do that weekend, including working on reviews, updating my review page, maybe getting a new theme for my blog and several more items.

I’ve participated a few times before and have found it very useful AND good fun. You can still sign up (HERE).

I’m really looking forward to it!

Are you participating? 

What are you planning to work on?


About Leeswammes
I'm owner and editor at bookhelpline.com. In my free time, I read and review books on my two blogs, Leeswammes' Blog and De Boekblogger.

15 Responses to Excited about Bloggiesta!

  1. Mari Partyka says:

    I haven’t given my blog any attention recently but I’m also been thinking about a new header. I have wanted a new format for about two years but it’s not available yet… and I don’t want to move from a blogging platform.

    Looking forward to see the updates you make, and to hear about your productivity!

  2. Rikki says:

    I plan on working on my tags and categories and my header. Plus on my Goodreads shelves, which need reorganizing badly.
    A new blog theme is always exciting, but also a lot of work. I am looking forward to see what you will come up with.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Rikki, I also will be working on my Shelfari (rather than Goodreads) shelves. Technically, it’s not my blog, but it’s where I put my reviews too, so it needs to stay updated just the same.

      With the free wordpress platform, a new theme is not mych work – just choose one and see if you like it (or take another one). It’s just the choosing that is difficult, and they don’t all have all features.

  3. parrish says:

    Will be interested in the results, changed my header slightly awhile ago.

  4. bibliosue says:

    I might informally participate; since I have switched over to WordPress there are still some things I need to tidy up.

  5. Leslie says:

    I want to design a new background, some housekeeping with tags and categories, maybe a new about page and then the big project of researching self-hosting. I’m happy with my wordpress template and have already put a lot of time into it but I’m not thrilled with the WP hosting.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Maybe you’ll get some good advice from other participants at Bloggiesta about self-hosting, Leslie. People often chime in with ideas.

      I’m “self-hosting” another website that’s even on a server here at home (and down whenever our internet is down) but I didn’t do much exciting with it, and most of the work was done by my husband. 🙂

      • Leslie says:

        I’m not planning on setting up my own server, I’ll lease space from one of the hosting companies. And that is one of the things I need to research… who is reliable, has good customer service, good uptime, reasonable prices, etc.

      • Leeswammes says:

        Leslie, it makes sense to lease space from a hosting service (this is what I thought you’d do anyway). I heard Go Daddy (is that what it’s called?) is a good one.

  6. Sounds very interesting!
    Changing of theme/header of my blog will be an issue. The family quite like it and any suggestions to change are not received very well..
    As to working on my pages and and some other tings, that would be a good idea.
    SO I’m thinking of signing on!

    • Leeswammes says:

      Hope you’ll join in, Breien. You CAN still sign up! You cannot sign up to be a challenge host (which probably doesn’t even mean much to you) but you CAN still sign up as a participant. Please do!

  7. Too late, signing-on is already closed due to an enormous line-up!

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