New Arrivals!

Some new books! I love getting new books and these days I seem to get mainly good ones.

Books for review

Dinner at Mine by Chris Smyth

Dinner at Mine by Chris Smyth

I got this book for review from Simon & Schuster UK. I love books about food. I already read this (it seemed so much fun that I couldn’t leave it on the shelves for long) and it was really good!

From the publisher’s website: “When Rosie decides to get her friends together for their very own version of Come Dine With Me she’s bursting with excitement, even though her husband Stephen is less than keen. But Rosie is adamant. Four couples, each hosting a dinner party on a different night of the week, with a prize at the end for the best one. It’ll be a good laugh, won’t it? And a great way for everyone to get to know each other. What could possibly go wrong?

What Rosie doesn’t anticipate are the lengths her fellow hosts might be prepared to go to in order to claim the prize — outlandish recipes, rare ingredients sourced from abroad, and a chocolate tart that looks just too good to be homemade… But perhaps she should be more worried about the mounting tension between the guests, as backbiting breaks out over the appetisers and a glass of wine too many leads to indiscreet flirtation. As the pressure in the kitchen rises, relationships begin to crack under strain, high-minded principles collide and the oven gloves come off… But that’s all part of the fun. Isn’t it?”


The Univited Guests by Sadie Jones

The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones

I’ve read and enjoyed The Outcast by Sadie Jones, and this new book looks very interesting. Just read the description below. I’m intrigued! What are these uninvited guests going to stir up? I got this book for review from Harper.

From the publisher’s website: “With some apprehension, the Torrington family is about to celebrate the twentieth birthday of Emerald, the second of three children. Their housekeeper, Florence, plans an elaborate dinner for the family and a few close friends. Charlotte and her children—the romantically handsome and callow Clovis; nine-year old Imogen, known as Smudge, who plots a “Great Undertaking” for the evening; and Emerald herself—are disconsolate at the thought of losing Sterne, their beloved family home.

Originally purchased by Horace Torrington, Charlotte’s first husband and the children’s father, Sterne has become too expensive for the financially strapped family to maintain. Since Horace’s death and Charlotte’s remarriage to Edward Swift, the house remains an important link to the past, a symbol of the family’s position that is intertwined with their sense of identity.

As Edward sets off for Manchester in hopes of obtaining a loan, the rest of the family begins preparing for the dinner party. An evening unlike any other awaits them. Little can the Torringtons imagine, that more than just a few intimate friends are about to arrive at Sterne . . .”


The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri

The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri

This sounds like a nice good-weather read. I reviewed it from Harper for review.

From the publisher’s website: “Married to the youngest attorney general in Massachusetts state history, forty-year-old Nora Cunningham is a picture perfect political wife and doting mother. But her carefully constructed life falls to pieces when she–along with the rest of the world – learns of her husband Malcolm’s infidelity.

Humiliated, hurt, hounded by the press, Nora packs up her daughters, Annie, seven, and Ella, twelve, and takes refuge with her maternal aunt on Burke’s Island, a craggy spit of land off the coast of Maine. Settled by Irish immigrants, the island is a place where superstition and magic are carried on the ocean winds, and wishes and dreams wash ashore with the changing tides.

Nora spent her first five years on the island but has not been back to the remote community for decades—not since that long ago summer when her mother disappeared at sea. One night, while sitting alone on Glass Beach, below the cottage where she spent her childhood, Nora succumbs to grief, her tears flowing into the ocean. Days later she finds an enigmatic fisherman, Owen Kavanagh, shipwrecked on the rocks nearby. Is he, as her aunt’s friend Polly suggests, a selkie, a mythical being of island legend, summoned by her heartbreak; or simply someone who, like Nora, is trying to find his way in the wake of his own personal struggles?

Just as she begins to regain her balance, her young daughters embark on a reckless odyssey of their own, a journey that will force Nora to find the courage to chart her own course—and finally face the truth about her marriage, her mother, and her past.”


The Duplicate by Helen Fitzgerald

The Duplicate by Helen Fitzgerald

I got this ebook from Snubnose Press, because I read and enjoyed another book by Fitzgerald, Bloody Women.

From “Barbara isn’t the most popular girl in school and she’s hoping that the Ruth Warren self-help book can help her navigate through the questions in her life. How can she get Beth to be her friend? Why is Beth so popular? How can she get her true love, Tim, to notice her?

What is her mad scientist uncle working on in his basement laboratory? Why does he need an alcoholic homeless woman to live with them for nine months? The terrible answers will affect Barbara’s entire life and most of all, her own daughter.”


Books I won

 Perfecte Stilte [Perfect Silence] by Thomas VErbogt

Perfecte stilte [Perfect Silence] by Thomas Verbogt

I won this book on Twitter from Leestweeps, a Dutch Twitter book-discussion group. I discussed When God Was a Rabbit with them last month, and next month this book will be the focus. My tweet about why reading is so important to me was one of the winners! My Tweet: “Reading is a basic necessity of life. When no books are available, I’ll read jam jars.”

On the website of the publishers (translated): “Documentary maker David Kromweg has no idea how brave he is until he ends up in a dangerous situation. He is surprised about his behaviour, he is a different person than he thought he was. What does this say about him and about his life? “

From the library


Have you read any of these books? Which of these would appeal to you?


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25 Responses to New Arrivals!

  1. I don’t write a post like this on my blog, and this week I’m rather glad about that since I received 31 books in the mail last week. Twenty of those where anniversary editions of Orion titles which I had won in a competition, and a signed edition of Dead Scared by S.J. Bolton was also a competition prize. The rest were all books for review and I’m sort of worried about how I’m going to organize it in such a way that I get all those reviews out on time. But, the pleasure of receiving the packages and opening them is wonderful, a bit like repeated birthdays.
    Enjoy all your reads, they sound like good ones.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Wow, Marleen, that is a lot of books. I would LOVE to see your post on that! You were very lucky to win these prizes. I was hoping to get a copy of Dead Scared but so far, haven’t.

      I actually have a spreadsheet with publishing dates that I use for deciding which book to read next. But yes, it’s a worry. 🙂

      • Judith, I have a spreadsheet too, but when exactly I read and review a book also depends on who send it to me. For one of the organisations that sends me books a timely and good review extra earns me bonus points, so to speak, so I tend to get those books out of the way first. And, sometimes curiosity about a certain title gets the better for me and it gets read early on, even if it could have waited for (a little) while. Anyway, lots of books to choose from is a good complaint to have.
        Dead Scared my have to wait a little while though since that is “only” a prize and not a review book.

      • Leeswammes says:

        Well, I’m like that too, Marleen. But some books (like book group books or review books that have a stated date – like a Blog tour) I just need to read at the exact right time.

        Indeed, books I won are not high on my “read” list, unfortunately. I’ve been good recently with not asking for many review books and so I hope to be able to read a few of my winnings and books I bought myself, soon.

      • Things went a bit wrong with my review books this month. Usually I manage it pretty well, and since I had all of them done about a while ago I requested a few more. Then the people I get them from posted a new list with interesting titles, so I got another 4. There is this other, related place I get books from as well, but they don’t come on request and are highly unpredictable. I hadn’t received anything from them for a while and suddenly received two titles. This is also the site that favours the reviewers who post promptly, so I tend to push those titles forward.
        I don’t mind too much, I’ll get through the books quickly enough and my owned, unread books can wait. It is just a balancing act with the books I bring back from the library.

  2. Mystica says:

    If this book is anything like Come Dine with Me there would be plenty of tension! those dinner parties were not totally relaxed and this book sounds very much like that.

  3. bookslist says:

    wow! All these books sound amazing! Can I borrow one? ha ha

  4. enjoy your new books Judith. The Univited Guests is different but good.

  5. You’ve received some interesting books, I think, Judith. I am sure you will enjoy them.

  6. carolee888 says:

    I have read “The Univited Guests”. it is a very strange guest. A lot of people don’t like it but I loved it. A lot of dark humor!

  7. bibliosue says:

    Dinner at Mine and The Uninvited Guests both appeal to me. You are starting to catch up with me on the amount of books you have 🙂

  8. Shan says:

    Come dine with me sounds great! I really enjoyed The Uninvited Guests, it definitely stands out from the rest.

  9. I’m really drawn to the cover of The Uninvited Guests… don’t know what it is, maybe the coloring & text (and the drawn lady reminds me of Anita Loos..). It doesn’t sound like something I’d normally read, but the cover makes me want to get it. Kudos on the art director, I guess! lol

    • Leeswammes says:

      It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Adam? My ARC copy has an even better cover – but maybe they save that for the paperback? Not sure why it’s different from the published hardback.

      It’s a really, really fun book. I would say, starts off as *The Stranger’s Child * by Alan Hollinghurst and ends as *Cold Comfort Farm*.

  10. Lindsay says:

    I enjoyed The Uninvited Guests, I hope you like it too. I am a big fan of Sadie Jones and was lucky enough to meet her recenlty at a book festival. I am intrigued by the foodie one.

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