The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop: Thoughts and Winners

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop has ended and was again a great success, from what I hear from other participants and entrants. Before I announce the winner of my giveaway, I’d like to share some thoughts and other comments with you.


The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop has now been held five times. I, Judith, the owner of Leeswammes’ Blog, started this initiative and have organised every hop so far (and am planning to continue for a while yet).

The hop takes place every four months: February, June and October. There is an invitation to participate about a month beforehand on my blog. I invite people that have participated before (as givers) by email.

Other people, please follow my blog if you want to know about the next blog hop. It doesn’t feel right to keep an email list of people that aren’t subscribed to my blog (as I was planning to do), just to do them a favour and warn them when the next blog hop is coming up. Do me a favor: subscribe to my blog so you’re always the first to know when it’s happening!

You can follow by Email or RSS – see at the top right in the side bar.

Why literary?

There have been absolutely no negative sounds in the blogging world, but I still feel a little explanation is warranted on the term literary in this blog hop. It feels so snobbish! It’s not meant to be that, at all.

Here’s my story:

I love entering giveaways and I love giving away books! I often end up looking at giveaway blog hops, and I get all excited: lots of books to be won! Lots of international giveaways! (I’m in the Netherlands, so cannot enter US only giveaways). Yay!

Then I start hopping: YA books, Romance, Urban fiction. There are so many blogs offering these types of books. Sometimes I see something I like (e.g., YA Dystopian fiction) but most of the blogs, I have a quick look, and I don’t enter. Next!

There is nothing wrong with those books or those blogs, it’s just that they don’t interest me so much, generally speaking.

So, what could be an exciting blog hop, becomes boring, and I give up. I could list my own blog in such a bog hop, but it would feel out of place. So…

I decided there was a gap in the market: at least one person (me) was interested in another kind of blog hop. One that had different types of books. Its name: I decided for literary to make it clearly different from the other blog hops. It doesn’t really cover the content. As far as I’m concerned, more general contemporary fiction, historical fiction, thrillers, science fiction and non-fiction can also be used in the giveaways. So, while I would not want to see “pulp” books, I’m quite loose on the literary thing.

Anyway, the result is a blog hop where I get all excited and go Yay! And I visit the blogs and, no lying here, almost all of the blogs have books that I would love to read or books I have already read. It’s hopping heaven for me!

So, don’t worry too much about the word literary, as long as the hop is Hopping Heaven for me and similar bloggers, everybody wins!

What others thought

In the form to enter my giveaway, I had a comment box. Just for fun, to see what people would say. I had a great time reading these comments. This is a selection of what people said:

  • Thank you!
  • I’ve just discovered this blog through another giveaway on a different blog – thank you for hosting and for introducing me to all these other great book blogs!
  • I read your blog everyday but I’ve never left a comment or entered your giveaways –  but now I’m 50, this may change!
  • Thank you for your generosity, and for being the PIONEER in starting the Literary Giveaway Hop. Great selection of books, too.
  • If I win, I’d love to pay it forward by reviewing the book on my blog and on GoodReads.
  • What a great giveaway! I’m a new follower so I’ll be sure to participate the next time you host this hop!
  • Please continue reviewing books! 🙂
  • Dying to read this book!
And then some…. Isn’t that great? Thanks for all the comments, people. They make my day!

The Winner of My Giveaway

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
I used to find me a winner. From over 200 entrants, the winner is…..

Shelleyrae of Book’d Out!

Congratulations, Shelleyrae!!

I will notify the winner by email. The winner needs to answer my email within 3 days, or I’ll announce a new winner.

Thanks everyone !

Thank you to all participants – givers and entrants (although a lot of you were both!). I hope you had fun taking part in the blog hop. As there were over 60 blogs participating, we must have over 60 winners! How great is that? If you’re a winner, leave a comment, I’d love to know.

If you’ve got any thoughts about the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop,

please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

About Leeswammes
I'm owner and editor at In my free time, I read and review books on my two blogs, Leeswammes' Blog and De Boekblogger.

17 Responses to The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop: Thoughts and Winners

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Yay me! Thanks Judith xx
    I too have received some lovely comments from my Literary giveaway hop entrants, thank you for hosting the event!

  2. Jennifer Wallace says:

    Proud winner of two (!!) books – massive thanks to and Very excited! (I don’t often win things you see…) Have had a wonderful time being introduced to some great new blogs and would love to be a giver in October. 🙂

  3. Birgit says:

    I promise, in October I will definitely join the hop! In fact I am already contemplating books that would fit the “literary” in a non-snobbish way! 😉

    • Leeswammes says:

      That will be nice, Birgit! I’m very easy-going on the literary bit. Sometimes people in doubt check with me beforehand if a particular book will be good for the blog hop. I don’t think I’ve said No yet.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Congratulations on another successful hop! I know you put a lot of work into it and this blogger and reader appreciates it immensely.
    People want you to e-mail them about upcoming hops? That is just silly.

  5. Congratulations Shelleyrae! Can’t wait to read your review 🙂
    I really enjoy the Hop – it just ‘suits’ me. 99% of the books offered are ones I want to read (1% are the ones I’ve already read). I like the opportunity to offer something back to the community, finding new blogs and of course trying to win books!

  6. Thanks Judith this was a lot of fun 😀 Congrats to Shelleyrae!

  7. Shan says:

    Thanks for hosting it again! I like entering giveaways but I rarely do because it’s usually genres I don’t read. And I love taking this opportunity to share Canadian books (CanLit) with the world!

  8. Uniflame says:

    Great to read your thoughts on this 🙂

  9. Beth DiIorio says:

    Hi Judith,
    The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop was the BEST…both as a blogger/giver and as a visitor to other blogs. Literary Fiction is my favorite book genre and so I was the “gleeful child in a candy shop” as I hopped from one great giveaway to another. As a blogger, I met so many wonderful people, and even though I did not win any books, I added many new titles to my “to read” pile and am now following other inspiring blogs. Heartfelt thanks to you for organizing…I will definitely participate in the future!
    Beth 🙂

  10. Book Nympho says:

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway hop! Participating in it was such a positive experience because I’d never done a giveaway or a blog hop before. Previously I worried that no one would want the books I was giving away, but I got tons of entries! And I’m the same as you in that I like literary books more than urban fiction or YA, for example, although of course there’s nothing wrong with those types of books either. But it’s important to be able to find people with similar reading interests. I hope I have some more books to giveaway so I can participate again! 🙂

  11. Lucy at Lucybird’s Book Blog notified me yesterday that I won an ebook of Brooklyn Bites. Nice!

    The winners on my blog, Readerbuzz:
    Peppermint Ph.D. won Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler
    Chocolate and Croissants won Behind the Beautiful Forevers
    Boston Bibliophile won the $15 gift card.

  12. Thank you Judith for both starting and continuing to run this giveaway. It is that bit different from the others, and I always find at least a couple of great new blogs through it.

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