Book Review: Blood Lure by Nevada Barr

Blood Lure by Nevada Barr

Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Number of pages: 330
First published: 2001
I got this book: from the library (in Dutch: Bloedspoor) for my Reading Around the USA in 90 Days challenge
Genre: thriller

Blood Lure: What it is about

Anna Pigeon is a park ranger in Mississippi but is currently doing work experience in Glacier National Park in Montana. There she works with a grizzly bear expert, Joan, and a student volunteer, Rory, to study the grizzlies in the park.

Then, one night, while camping out, they hear a bear bear their tent and not much later discover that Rory has disappeared (from his own tent). When looking for him the next day, they find the body of his stepmother, who was camping in the park with Rory’s father.

Anna suspects more or less anyone, and it takes some antecedents research and clver combining of information by her to get closer to the truth. But even then she can’t quite guess what is really going on in the park. In a dramatic event towards the end of the book, all becomes clear.

Blood Lure: What I thought

This book was an OK read, but I found that too much was explained and too little was left to the reader to figure out. That made some of of the text a bit tedious (with mental remarks by me such as “Yes, I got that, no need to explain!”).  The writing style as such was nice and fluent.

Also the story line wasn’t all that strong. Some things were a little unbelievable. For instance, at some point, Anna strongly suspecrs Rory of the killing but she doesn’t try very hard to stop Joan from going on a camping trip with him, and no one else. And although Anna believes the killer is still in the park, she hikes through the woods all by herself.

I very much enjoyed the descriptions of the nature (the woods, the mountains) and the bits of knowledge I learned about bear research, bear habits and national parks in general.

This was the ninth book in the Anna Pigeon series, but it didn’t feel necessary to read them in order. There are 17 (!) books in this series overall. I may read another one when I feel like something light, but it’s not high on the list.


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4 Responses to Book Review: Blood Lure by Nevada Barr

  1. Chinoiseries says:

    I really like this challenge you’re doing, it introduces you to books you’d normally perhaps skip? This book sounds alright, but I’m with you on not wanting the author to explain too much. A series that does not require you to read the preceding books? That IS nice.

    • Leeswammes says:

      That’s right, Chinoiseries. I’m reading several books that I would normally never pick up. Some are good, some less so. But it’s a great experience.

      I think this series you can jump in when you want. No previous knowledge is needed. 🙂

  2. Another one I can skip … Thank you, Judith 🙂 17 is rather much for a series, I think perhaps it is unavoidable that some plots are a bit unbelievable?

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