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Literary Giveaway Blog Hop


Welcome to the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop!

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is hosted by me, Leeswammes. Between now and Wednesday, October 31st, you can hop to 50 different book blogs, all offering one or more giveaways of books or bookish items. All books will be literary (non)fiction or something close to that. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to find the other participating blogs.

My Giveaways (4 winners)


Giveaway 1 – The Death of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell (world-wide)

You can win one of three advance copies (ARCs) of The Death of Bees. They are generously offered to world-wide entrants by the writer, Lisa O’Donnell, who will sign them too!

Lisa O’Donnell is from the UK and The Death of Bees is her first book. It’s already out in the UK, and will be published in the USA in January by Harper. And it’s going to be in the Barnes & Noble Spring 2013 Discover Great New Writers Program!

So, this is your chance to get an advance copy of the book before everybody is reading it. 

I loved reading this book and my review is HERE.

The Death of Bees by Lisa O'Donnell


“Hazlehurst housing estate, Glasgow, Christmas Eve 2010. Fifteen-year-old Marnie and her little sister Nelly have just finished burying their parents in the back garden. Only Marnie and Nelly know how they got there. Lennie, the old guy next door, has taken a sudden interest in his two young neighbours and is keeping a close eye on them. He soon realises that the girls are all alone, and need his help — or does he need theirs?

As the year ends and another begins, the sisters’ friends, their neighbours, and the authorities — not to mention the local drug dealer, who’s been sniffing around for their father — gradually start to ask questions. And as one lie leads to another, darker secrets about Marnie’s family come to light, making things even more complicated.”



Giveaway 2 – Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn (USA only)

I’m very pleased that Harper publishers are sponsoring the giveaway of a hardback copy of Mrs Queen Takes the Train! This is such a fun book. My review is HERE.

This is William Kuhn’s first novel, although he has written several other non-fiction books, biographies.

Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn


“After decades of service and years of watching her family’s troubles splashed across the tabloids, Britain’s Queen is beginning to feel her age. She needs some proper cheering up. An unexpected opportunity offers her relief: an impromptu visit to a place that holds happy memories—the former royal yacht, Britannia, now moored near Edinburgh.

Hidden beneath a skull-emblazoned hoodie, the limber Elizabeth (thank goodness for yoga) walks out of Buckingham Palace into the freedom of a rainy London day and heads for King’s Cross to catch a train to Scotland. But a characterful cast of royal attendants has discovered her missing. In uneasy alliance a lady-in-waiting, a butler, an equerry, a girl from the stables, a dresser, and a clerk from the shop that supplies Her Majesty’s cheese set out to find her and bring her back before her absence becomes a national scandal.”


To enter

To enter, please read the rules and then fill in the form below. 

The rules:

  1. Anyone can enter. You do not need to have a blog.
  2. You do not have to be a follower of my blog or become a follower, although if you like my blog I hope you will! You can follow by email or by RSS (see buttons in the side bar on the right).
  3. There will be four winners. Three will each receive a signed ARC of The Death of Bees (world-wide entrants), one will win a copy of Mrs Queen Takes the Train (US entrant).
  4. You need a post-office recognised address where you can receive packages.
  5. Fill out the form below. You can enter the giveaway until Wednesday October 31st. I will close the giveaway when I turn on my computer on November 1st (Netherlands time).
  6. Note that double or invalid entries will be removed.
  7. I will notify the winners by email. The winners need to answer my email within 3 days, or I’ll announce a new winner. Neither the sponsors or me can be held responsible for lost packages.
  8. That’s it! Good luck and thanks for playing.

Fill out the FORM HERE to enter.

The giveaway is now closed.

Now start blog hopping!

For more giveaways (and there are some real treasures out there for grabs) check out these blogs.

Giveaways are worldwide, meaning people from most or all countries of the world can enter, unless mentioned otherwise.

Participating blogs:

  1. Leeswammes
  2. Read in a Single Sitting
  3. Ephemeral Digest
  4. My Devotional Thoughts
  5. Devouring Texts
  6. Tony’s Reading List
  7. Nishita’s Rants and Raves
  8. Too Fond
  9. The Parrish Lantern
  10. Kristi Loves Books
  11. The Book Club Blog
  12. Sam Still Reading
  13. Silver’s Reviews (USA)
  14. Bibliosue
  15. Heavenali
  16. Under My Apple Tree
  17. Misfortune of Knowing
  18. Lena Sledge’s Blog
  19. Lost Generation Reader
  20. Seaside Book Nook
  21. The Relentless Reader
  22. Rikki’s Teleidoscope
  23. Monique Morgan
  24. That READioactive Book Blog
  25. kaggsysbookisahramblings
  26. Ragdoll Books Blog
  27. Kate’s Library
  28. The Book Garden
  29. Uniflame Creates
  30. Curiosity Killed The Bookworm
  1. Ciska’s Book Chest
  2. The Book Divas Reads
  3. Alex in Leeds
  4. Simple Clockwork
  5. Bluestalking
  6. Fresh Ink Books
  7. Sweeping Me
  8. Giraffe Days
  9. Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book (USA)
  10. Books Thoughts Adventures
  11. emmalikestoread
  12. Colorimetry
  13. Page Plucker
  14. Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity
  15. 2606 Books and Counting
  16. Book Nympho
  17. She-Wolf Reads
  18. The Little Reader Library (Europe)
  19. Booklover Book Reviews
  20. Dolce Bellezza

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31 Responses to The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop Starts Here!

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  2. The Death of Bees sound very intriguing – great giveaway.

  3. Pingback: Literary Giveaway Blog Hop « Under My Apple Tree

  4. Rikki says:

    Thanks for organizing this again, Judith!

  5. Thanks for organising the hop and thanks for the brilliant giveaways 🙂

  6. Hi Judith, you may remember me. I have been following your blog for a long time and I occasionally even comment 🙂
    I would love to win The Death of Bees. Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for a great hop and for organizing it again this year.

    Silver’s Reviews

  8. Diana Leigh says:

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I’m new to your blog and will be following in my reader. Have a nice weekend!

  9. Giada M. says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you for making it international! 😀

  10. Suzanne says:

    These are both on my to read list so *fingers crossed* that I get lucky. Thanks Judith!

  11. Pingback: My First GIVEAWAY (Part of the Literary Blog Hop)! | The Misfortune Of Knowing

  12. Shan says:

    Thanks for hosting this again Judith! Too bad Mrs Queen Takes the Train is US only, your review of it made me want to read it!

    • williamkuhn says:

      Shan, I have friends in UK who have successfully ordered Mrs Queen via Allen & Unwin will ultimately publish both in Britain and Australia & New Zealand. And thanks to Judith most of all for sponsoring this giveaway. Bill

      • Leeswammes says:

        Bill, it’s actually Harper in USA that are sponsoring this one. That’s why it’s not international this time (my personal giveaways are always international). Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest. And thanks for retweeting about the blog hop – you’re welcome to do that a few more times in the next few days – both the book and the blog hop deserve the attention. 🙂

      • Shan says:

        I’m definitely going to be reading the book anyways, I know I can order it here in Canada. But it would have been my first choice to win here if it weren’t a US only contest!

  13. Great giveaway, Judith! Thank you for hosting this fun blog hop once again. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve participated in, but I always enjoy when the next hop comes around.

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  15. Lindsay says:

    Thank you very much for organising this Judith. It’s lovely to be taking part. I really like the sound of these books.

  16. Both of these books sound awesome. Thanks for organising this again, Judith! 😀

  17. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for organizing and hosting this hop 🙂 It’s my first time participating and it’s been a hoot!

  18. LOVE this giveaway! I need to join in next time!

  19. heavenali says:

    The Death of Bees sounds intriguing : ) great giveaway again – thanks. Thank you for organising us again too.

  20. YAY! I hope to get around to some of the participating blogs!

  21. Betsy says:

    Mrs. Queen sounds like a fun read.

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  23. hoops120 says:

    Mrs Queen sounds fun. I;ll have to have a hunt to see if it’s available here in the uk

  24. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway. The Death of Bees sounds lovely. 🙂

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