Book Review: Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris

Miracle on Regent Street by Ali HarrisI bought this book to get into the Christmas mood. Last year, some people reviewed this book and I wanted to read it, too! I didn’t get round to buying it then, but this year I did. It’s light and friendly, although a little too sweet. Nearly 500 pages was a bit too much, but overall, it was a really satisfying read.

Miracle on Regent Street: What it is about

The story is about Evie, who is working as a stockroom girl in a traditional family-run department store, Hardy’s, in London. She has moved to London and taken the job after she broke up with her boyfriend. Evie is friendly with lots of the staff. When they come to the stockroom to collect something, they often stay and have a chat. Evie knows a lot about her colleagues, whether sales floor staff or behind-the-scenes staff.

However, Evie is so unimportant to most of the staff, that they call her Sarah, the name of the previous stockroom girl. She is passed over for promotion too, but feels as loyal as ever to the company. She used to come here as a small girl, and her mother used to work her before she was married. When Evie hears that the department store may have to be sold, she’s worried for everyone’s jobs and starts her own fight against the shop’s closure.

The shop is getting more busy and Evie meets a nice guy, who takes her out for dinner. It sounds like a miracle! Will it be enough, though?

Miracle on Regent Street: What I thought

I loved this light and easy read! Evie is a woman who needs more self-confidence and some encouragement. She hides away in the stockroom, still thinking about her old boyfriend and while she has some ambitions, she doesn’t show it, so nobody knows about it.

But the fact that Hardy’s might be closing gets her into action. What follows is really good fun, but slightly unlikely. What happens in the end is extremely unlikely and that spoilt the story a little for me. But everything in between is good fun.

Evie is very good with people and all the heart-to-hearts pay off: a lot of people like her and want to help her achieve her goal. The whole story has a warm feeling about it. The book counts down to Christmas, but except for that warm feeling, I didn’t get much more into the Christmas mood (which had been my reason for reading it). That didn’t really matter, though, and I think that this book would make a nice read any time of year.

After a while, I found it rather unlikely how convenient some of the things were that happened. For instance, Evie comes into the shop very early in the morning and no one else ever discovers that she’s there preparing something in secret. Also, when she invites some of her colleagues to the pub, everyone can make it. All seven people. Apparently, no one lived too far away, needed to find a baby sitter, didn’t have money for a night out, had an evening course or other arrangement. But what happens in the very end, was worse: a whole crowd clapping for Evie, as if they knew exactly who she was and why she was amazing (they didn’t).

This book is an absolute feel-good read and ideal for any time of year when you want something light to cheer you up. Don’t analyse the story too deeply, though.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Number of pages: 492

First published: 2011

I got this book: bought it

Genre: contemporary fiction


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13 Responses to Book Review: Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris

  1. eenlettermeergraag says:

    Ik heb ‘m ook gelezen en toevallig kwam vandaag m’n recensie online. Ik vond het boek geweldig voor de kerst.

  2. I wondered – when there were a lot of reviews a while back – about whether this might be a bit too sweet for me, though I like the premise and the setting sounds great. Hmmm…

  3. Katrien says:

    It’s not very credible, but I loved it because of the feel-good elements.

  4. bibliosue says:

    This sounds like fun – but almost 500 pages? Wow.

  5. Charlie says:

    It sounds fun, though some of those unlikelihoods… I guess the story and happiness in it is supposed to be the strength, which can work, and sounds like it does here.

  6. Oh this seems just right for this time of year! I won’t be able to read it this year but have made a note of it for next Christmas.

  7. mesetageresenfranglais says:

    bought it for the christmas mood as well but was too soppy for me and I gave it to a charity shop.

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