Book Review: Stay Close to Me by Helen Warner

Stay Close to Me by Helen Warner

Stay Close to Me: What it is about

This is the story of a mother and her two adult daughters. Jennifer is a widow who is contacted by an old lover. She has been on her own for the last two years but still feels a strong loyalty to her late husband. On the other hand, can it harm to just meet up once?

Her eldest daughter Kate is living nearby with her husband and two children. They don’t have a lot of money, but they get by. But when Kate meets an interesting and handsome man who wants to go out with her, she wonders whether staying with dependable boring Miles is really all she wants from life. But is it just a crush or real love she feels for Jack?

The other daughter, stay-at-home mother Amy, also has a husband and two children. They are living an expensive life in London, which they can’t afford any more when Ben loses his job and has a break down. Now it’s up to Amy to provide for her family and live a more modest life.

Stay Close to Me: What I thought

This was a good story about family relationships. It was built up really well, I didn’t see some things coming at all, while in hindsight they seemed very possible. There is a lot of crying and eyes brimming with tears in the book, which I didn’t like quite so much. On the other hand, some dramatic (but not over-dramatic) things happened to the main characters so a tear here and there was really not that strange. My eyes didn’t brim at all, though.

I found the story very believable. I could easily imagine these three women living their lives as they did. Amy in London (losing all her wealthy friends the minute her husband loses his job), Jennifer in a small town meeting up with an old friend, re-acquainted via Facebook. And Kate, a nurse, who is a woman as there are many in England, just trying to get by.

I’m afraid to say that Jennifer’s old lover was a creep! I didn’t like him at all. But she seemed to, and he seemed good to her. I had mixed feelings about him. For different reasons than Jennifer I was also wondering whether it was a good idea to let him back into her life. I’m not sure whether he was supposed to be regarded as creepy, but he seemed rather stalkerish.

If you like good women’s fiction, then this book about family relations is one for you!

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Number of pages: 402

First published: 2012

I got this book: received for review from Simon & Schuster UK

Genre: contemporary fiction

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One Response to Book Review: Stay Close to Me by Helen Warner

  1. I think I’d enjoy this one! Sounds like a good light read.

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