August Overview

August seemed like a really slow month for me, in which I didn’t read much. That is odd, because in the end, all together, I read 19 books and that is A LOT. I spend a lot of time on my new business, which took away a lot of my reading time. And really, that is fine – I love the idea of a booming business. ūüôā

Book that stood out:

The Orchard of Lost Souls¬†by Nadifa Mohamed. The description of the book didn’t appeal to me at all, but I loved this book!

This is what I read

The Orchard of Lost Souls by Nadiga MohamedNotes from a Small Island by Bill BrysonTongue by Kyung Ran JoKiller Queens by Rebecca ChanceLighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles
Tulipomania by Mike DashThe Long Shadow by Liza MarklundFondly by Colin WinnetteThe Infinite Within by Michael Drakich

Click on the blue links to go to the review (as you can see, I still need to post a few reviews!).

The Orchard of Lost Souls by Nadifa Mohamed. Contemporary fiction about three women in Somalia who experience the war there in very different ways. 5 stars

Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson. Non-fiction. The author (American) travels through his adoptive country, England. Hilarious! 5 stars

Tongue by Kyung-Ran Jo. Contemporary fiction. South-Korea, when the boyfriend of the main character finds someone else, she gives up her cooking school and goes back to working in a restaurant’s kitchen, all the while considering how to get her man back. 5 stars.

Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance. Chicklit about two commoners who both marry royalty. 4.5 stars

Lighthouse Island by Paulette Jiles. Dystopian novel about an orphan girl that wants to get to Lighthouse Island, in a cruel world where there is very little water and people get arrested and executed just because. 4.5 stars

Tulipomania by Mike Dash. Non-fiction. Very readable history book about the tulip fever in 17th Century Netherlands. 4.5 stars

The Long Shadow by Liz Marklund. Thriller, a journalist is researching the deaths of a Swedish family in Spain and uncovers a lot more while she’s at it. 4 stars

Fondly by Colin Winette. Short stories/novella about family relations. 4 stars.

The infinite Within by Michael Drakich. Science fiction. A woman astronaut is sent to Mars. When she comes back she poses a problem for the authorities. 3.4 stars



Dutch blog:

Me Before You by Jojo MoyesDe boer op by Irene van AartSpanning & Retourtje Hato by René AppelHet huis met de schaduw [The Hired Man] by Aminatta FornaHemelvaart by Judith KoelemeijerDe verdwijners by Niels 't Hooft
Het reservaat by Liselotte StavorniusVals alarm [False Alarm] by Marelle BoersmaDe huisvriend by Bertram KoelemanDoelwit in de nacht [Target at Night] by Ricardo Piglia

Me Before You [Voor jou] by Jojo Moyes. Chicklit about a young woman taking a job looking after a paraplegic man who has lost all will to live. 5 stars

De boer op [To the Farmer] by Irene van Aart [Dutch]. Memoir about a city girl falling in love with a farmer. 5 stars

Spanning & Retourtje Hato [Excitement & Return Ticket to Hato] by René Appel [Dutch]. Two thriller novellas. 4.5 stars

Het huis met de schaduw [The House with the Shadow] door Aminatta Forna. A Croatian man observes the arrival of an English family in his village and the recent history of the village is uncovered. 4.5 stars

Hemelvaart by Judith Koelemeijer, a non-fiction memoir about the death of a friend of the author when they were twenty years old, on a holiday. 4.5 stars

De verdwijners¬†[The Disappearers] by Niels ‚Äėt¬†Hooft [Dutch]. Science fiction. 2018, Google employs street interviewers to find out what people‚Äôs thoughts are. Three interviewers do more than that. 4 stars

Het reservaat [The Reservation] by Liselotte Stavorinus. Thriller, Dutch. A woman moves with her family to a rich neighborhood, where one of the ladies befriends her. But is she really a good friend? 4 stars

Vals Alarm [False Alarm] by Marellle Boersma. Thriller. A woman’s life is turned upside down when her husband divorces her and tries to take her daughter away from her. 4 stars

De huisvriend [Friend of the Family] by Bertram Koeleman [Dutch]. A butler living with a man who likes solitude feels their life is threatened by the arrival of a new friend of the family. 4 stars

Doelwit in de nacht [Target in the Night] by Ricardo Piglia [Read in Dutch] Mystery in Argentina where a visitor to a small town is killed. 2.5 stars



Leave me a comment with a book you really enjoyed in August!


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16 Responses to August Overview

  1. Charlie says:

    Awesome number, Judith! Glad they were mostly good books, too. My August was taken up by Gone With The Wind, and I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Laurie C says:

    I really should keep better track of my reading! I enter them all into LibraryThing but I don’t think I can sort by when I read it. I’ve been jealous of everyone’s monthly wrap-up posts lately! For August, my favorites were Stewart O’Nan’s Wish You Were Here and Elizabeth Kelly’s The Last Summer of the Camperdowns.

  3. Great month Judith – I need to try Lighthouse Island as I have a copy.

  4. Shan says:

    I missed your review for Tulipomania, but just read it. I enjoyed the book, I picked it up to get to know my Dutch history a bit better and was surprised at how much I learned. Have you heard about the Tulip festival here in Ottawa that happens every year?

    • Leeswammes says:

      Shan, no, I didn’t know about that. I guess it’s original organised by Dutch immigrants? Are their tulip nurseries near Ottawa or are they all imported?

  5. wow! I honestly don’t know how you do it. I can’t find 15 minutes to sit these days so this makes me even more jealous of your accomplishment.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Mari, I’m reading much less since I started my business. I hardly read during the day for instance. In the evening I’m busy too most of the time. I really don’t know how I do it, either!

  6. Athira says:

    I just picked Me Before You from the library and I’m hoping to give it a second try. I think I may enjoy it this time.

  7. I’ve not been around the blogging world for most of August so it is very useful to see your recap. Tongue sounds like a book I need to read. I love Korea and that combined with food and your five star rating means it goes straight on the wishlist ūüôā Lighthouse Island also sounds good. I look forward to seeing your review for that one.

  8. BookerTalk says:

    17 books doesn’t count as a lot!!! I’m astounded you can work yet read that much. I am intrigued by that Tulip,Anita book having heard a BBC book club discussion about a fictional book which covers the sa,e subject. But I was listen g in the car so never got the name.

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