Armchair BEA Day 2: Author Interaction

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 Armchair BEA is for those people who cannot visit Book Expo America but still want to join in the fun. This week, May 26th to 31st, there are celebrations for those who stay at home rather than make it to New York. 

Today, Tuesday, is about Author Interactions. Now, there are multiple ways a blogger can get into contact with an author. I have:

  • had emails from authors asking me to review their book.
  • had comments on my blog from authors after I reviewed their book (always very nice! Even when the review wasn’t).
  • met authors at signings and readings.
  • met authors at book presentations.

Are there any other ways to meet authors? Let me know!

I love meeting authors in real life. While we may think of authors as shy people that have to be prised out of their dark and smoky writing rooms, most that I come across tend to be very articulate and pleasant people.

My wish is to one day go to a literary event in the UK, like the Edinburgh festival or the Hay festival. BEA would be great, too, of course! Until then, I have to content myself with author meetings in the Netherlands, where I live. Well, that is not hard!

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

I have come across some great authors. Of course, most of them are Dutch, so you might not have heard of them. One I want to give a special mention, for my Dutch blog readers, is Arthur Japin. He is one of my favorite authors and the writer of several novels, of which are translated The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi and In Lucia’s Eyes. I’ve seen him live about four times and he’s always amazing.

He used to be an actor, and that’s very clear when he reads from his novels. He introduces the story and then, when he’s about to start reading from the book, he takes a little moment to prepare himself, takes a breath and becomes the character he’s reading about. He is so good! 🙂

David Mitchell in Utrecht

David Mitchell in Utrecht

Another great author to meet live is another favorite author of mine, the English David Mitchell. He came to Utrecht, near where I live, to talk about his novel The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet but  is probably best known for his novel Cloud Atlas, that was also made into a movie. You can read all about his visit here. He is a great teller of stories, but what impressed me most was the signing bit. There were about 50 people in front of me but when it was my turn to have my books signed, he just took the time to ask all about me, then wrote a personal quote in the book. He took ages talking to people, signing their books, and having a great time. He’s the best signing author I’ve ever met!



What about you?

Have you met any authors in real life?

I’m curious! 🙂




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8 Responses to Armchair BEA Day 2: Author Interaction

  1. Leslie says:

    I’ve only met a few authors in real life – a couple at book signings and when I went to Printers Row Litfest in downtown Chicago a few years ago. BEA is on my agenda for 2016, but until then I guess I’ll mostly meet them on my blog!

  2. I love meeting authors in “real life” – I think it adds so much to the reading experience to learn about them and where the book came from. Your interactions sound so fun!

  3. Deb Nance says:

    I’ve met lots and lots of authors in real life. In fact, one of my favorite things is taking photos of authors. I have an entire board at Pinterest devoted to this.

    Hope you are enjoying Armchair BEA!

  4. Athira says:

    I haven’t been to an author event yet – not many of them come through my small town. I would love to be at one though. It is so amazing to be able to connect with authors.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Athira, I hope you get the chance to go to an author event some time. It’s really nice, even if you don’t know the author, because they always know how to tell a good story.

  5. joyweesemoll says:

    That would be lovely to hear an author who was once an actor. Sounds like a great opportunity!

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