Two-weekly Reading Roundup

The last two weeks

Wow, it was Armchair BEA last week! That was a busy week with lots of blogging-related hussle and bussle. I had a great time!

Well, in that respect. Reading-wise, I was stuck in a few boring books. I Am Pilgrim only became interesting after about 250 pages. No, that’s nowhere near the end: the book is 750 pages long! If it wasn’t for some twitter friends, I’d given up on page 100. But now (page 400, going slowly) it’s picked up and I’m enjoying it a lot. The other book was a Dutch book that was just a bit depressing, nothing nice there.

I also had a dentist appointment with a follow-up appointment, never the best moments! 🙂


Books I finished in the last TWO weeks: 5

Think Like a Freak by Steven Levitt and Stephen DubnerTilt by Michael StroinkThe Girl in the Road by Monica ByrneWanneer de mieren schreeuwen by Alex BoogersMorgen vlieg ik terug [Tomorrow I'll Fly Back] by Johan Bordewijk

Think Like a Freak by Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner. From the authors of Freakonimics, a guide how you, too, can think like a freak. 🙂 4 stars

Tilt by Michael Stroink. A man in hospital is denied a kidney transplant, but some people are going to make it happen for him. 5 stars

The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne. Futuristic novel about a girl traveling from India to Africa via a bridge over the water. 4 stars

Wanneer de mieren schreeuwen [When the Ants Scream] by Alex Boogers. A professor is told a real-life shocking  story by his taxi driver. 4 stars

Morgen vlieg ik terug [Tomorrow I’ll Fly Home] by Johan Bordewijk. A man has ran away from work and home and spends time in Spain, Italy, and Greece thinking about his life. 2.5 stars


Other books I reviewed

The Painter by Peter HellerEen vrouw op 1000 graden [A Woman at 1000 degrees] by Hallgrímur Helgason

The Painter by Peter Heller. A successful painter commits a crime. I hoped he didn’t get caught. 4 stars

Vrouw op 1000 graden [Woman at 1000 degrees] by Hallgrímur Helgason. An 80-year old Icelandic woman thinks back on her eventful life. 3.5 stars


Planning to read next

I Am Pilgrim by Terry HayesThe Night Guests by Fiona McFarlineParasites Like Us by Adam Johnson


Announcement of giveaway hop

June 21-25 I’m organizing the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop. Come and join us for another giveaway! If you want to participate in the hop and give away a book to your readers, sign up HERE (also for more information).

What are YOU reading this week?


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16 Responses to Two-weekly Reading Roundup

  1. I saw the guys from Freakonomics being interviewed on the news over the weekend, they certainly have an interesting take on the world. Was it a good read?

    • Leeswammes says:

      Cathy, yes, I enjoyed reading How to Think Like a Freak. Whether it really taught me how to think like a freak, I’m not sure, though.

  2. bibliosue says:

    Being stuck in boring books is no fun. I hope this week brings you better reading!

  3. Leslie says:

    I was thinking about, maybe, listening to the audiobook of I Am Pilgrim but if it’s that slow the audio will be painful! The Night Guest was very good, and a bit different. I think you might like it.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Leslie, I would not recommend listening to I Am Pilgrim, if only because that way the story takes even longer! I’m now reading The Night Guest – starts good, but I have no idea where this will go.

  4. I’m looking forward to your review of Think Like a Freak! So glad they decided to do a follow-up book!

  5. I love the guys from Freakonomics. I can’t wait to read their new book.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Tanya, I haven’t read Freakonimics, but I think they are repeating some of their stories here. But now from a different perspective.

  6. Laurie C says:

    Time for Literary Blog Hop already! We just got The Painter in at the library. I’m undecided about putting it on my TBR!

  7. Mystica says:

    I’ve been following BEA with interest. All your new books are new to me as well! enjoy them all.

  8. I have Think Like A Freak I am curious about it 😉

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