Book Review: Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

Dark Eden by Chris BeckettDark Eden: What it is about

From the publishers: “On the alien, sunless planet they call Eden, the 532 members of the Family take shelter beneath the light and warmth of the Forest’s lantern trees. Beyond the Forest lie the mountains of the Snowy Dark and a cold so bitter and a night so profound that no man has ever crossed it.

The Oldest among the Family recount legends of a world where light came from the sky, where men and women made boats that could cross the stars. These ships brought us here, the Oldest say—and the Family must only wait for the travelers to return.

But young John Redlantern will break the laws of Eden, shatter the Family and change history. He will abandon the old ways, venture into the Dark…and discover the truth about their world.”

Dark Eden: What I thought

I love this book! For 160 years, the people of Eden are waiting for the star ship from Earth to pick them up, after a crash landing left their ancestors stranded. Their world is dark as there is no sun. Light comes from the trees. Really, not much progress has been made since the first people learned how to live on the planet. They are stuck in a kind of Neanderthal way of living.

John Redlantern sees possibilities further afield, but the majority of people think they should stay near the Circle, the place where the crash landing was, or else the astronauts from Earth won’t know where to find them when they return.

Soon, the community is split, and their peaceful existence is over. The group dynamics are very believable. Yes, as soon as a group becomes two groups, there are Us and Them, and everything that comes with that way of thinking. The exploration of (some of) the planet was interesting. I found the description of the planet and its animals fun, but not 100% believable. That didn’t matter: this was a great read. Only towards the very end did I get an idea of how the book might end. I was right. It certainly didn’t mean that it was predictable!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (very good)

Number of pages: 400

First published: 2014

I got this: for review from Blogging for Books (ebook)

Genre: Dystopia, YA


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8 Responses to Book Review: Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

  1. I have read the first few pages of this novel and then sort of moved on… I read a lot of good reviews when it was first published so I guess I should stick with it!

  2. Leslie says:

    This sounded like a book I’d like. I tried to listen to the audiobook but I didn’t like the narrator, so I stopped after only an hour. Since you liked it so much, I’ll have to try again in print.

  3. bibliosue says:

    I don’t normally go for his type of book, but I have to admit this does sound interesting.

  4. This one sounds amazing… writing this one down.

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