Book review: My Last Confession by Helen Fitzgerald

My Last Confession by Helen FitzgeraldMy Last Confession: What it is about

From amazon: “A naïve parole officer in her first month on the job. An extremely good-looking convicted murderer. What could go wrong?

These are some of Krissie’s tips for fellow parole officers:

Don’t smuggle heroin into prison.

Don’t drink vodka to relieve stress.

Don’t French-kiss a colleague to make your boyfriend jealous.

If only she’d taken her own advice…

When she starts the job, Krissie is happy and in love. Then she meets convicted murderer Jeremy, and begins to believe he may be innocent. Her growing obsession with his case threatens to jeopardise everything – her job, her relationship and her life.”

My Last Confession: What I thought

Helen Fitzgerald’s books are thrillers with a difference. They don’t fit into the typical thriller-mould and are a little crazy, but great fun at the same time.

Krissie thought being a parole officer would be easy. You read reports, visit the prisoners and that’s it. But already on her first case, she gets involved more than she should. He is a good-looking guy, and he wasn’t even anywhere nearby when the murder happened. It’s just that his estranged mother won’t give him an alibi, although he was with her that day.

So, Krissie is a little in love and talks to the people in his life and slowly starts to home in on a possible killer. Her home life is a mess, meanwhile, with her artist boyfriend is busy organising an exhibition, while he’s in the meantime supposed to look after their young child.

It was fun, it was different, it had quite a twist, too. An easy read for when you want a thriller without blood and gore. Oh wait, there are of course some missing fingers…

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (good)

Number of pages: 272

First published: 2007

I got this: bought it

Genre: thriller

Other books I read by this author: The Duplicate, Bloody Women


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4 Responses to Book review: My Last Confession by Helen Fitzgerald

  1. Sounds great – new title to me. Reminded me a bit of Orange Is The New Black.

  2. This sounds good, I’ve read The Cry and have Bloody Women to read so will be adding this to the list too.

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