It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and are planning to read next.


My reading week

Weerwater by Renate DorresteinMan o man by Mascha de GroofThe Ship by Antonia HoneywellPublish Successfully on Amazon by Liesbeth Heenk& Sons by David GilbertThe Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

I finished reading a Dutch dystopian book, Weerwater [Water Fort] by Renate Dorrestein. I love it 4.5 stars. I also finished Man o man [Man, Oh Man] by Mascha de Groof, another Dutch book, a chicklit that lost a few points along the way and ended with 3 stars.

I’m reading The Ship by Antonia Howell and a Dutch book on how to publish on Amazon by Liesbeth Heenk.

I’ve changed my mind about what I’ll be reading next. It’s going to be &Sons by David Gilbert, for our next real-life book group, and a Netgalley download, The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. Those are two very, very big books and should keep me happy for a few weeks!



Funny Girl by Nick HornbyKoud-Zuid by Ariane Meijer

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. A very good read!

Koud-Zuid [Cold South] by Ariane Meijer. A thrilling read – in Dutch.


My challenges


#Fitreaders is a challenge for all readers (and everyone else, really) who want to get more active. Last week, I did quite well on average. I had two days of over 10,000 steps and one of 7,000. The other days were a little less.   My goal is 3 x 7,000  and 3 x 5,000 per week, and one day off. So, this is not bad.


The Cut out Processed Food in 14 Weeks challenge was easy last week (the seventh week of the challenge): Eat wholemeal everything. That went well! The kids loved the wholegrain rice and prefer it now over the white variant. They also ate the wholewheat biscuits/cookies rather than the left-over non-wholewheat chocolate ones. Very happy with that. This coming week we have to stop eating when we’re full and not eat if we’re not hungry. That’s one of those ha ha, yeah, if only, kind of challenges for me. But I’ll try. Honestly, I will!


What are YOU reading this week?


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6 Responses to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Trisha says:

    I have Faber’s book sitting on the shelves, but I haven’t had that urge to pick it up yet.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Trisha, it’s about a man who travels to another planet to tell the natives about his religion. So far (80 pages), pretty good! I think it’s the sort of book you will enjoy.

  2. mpartyka says:

    It’s great to see your fitbit stats when I look at my weekly update, a connection from miles away!

    Good to see how you are doing with the nutrition ‘challenge’. I’m getting ready to make a few changes to my daily eating habits, will share once I have fully researched (that said, I will not begin until returning from my March holiday… 🙂 )

    Curious to read your review of the new Faber novel. I loved The Crimson Petal.

    • Leeswammes says:

      Mari, I noticed you at the top of my fitbit friends’ list. Of course! But nice to see you’re still using it, too.

      Look forward to reading about your eating plans! I started the Faber novel and love it so far. Very different from The Crimson Petal.

  3. Lucybird says:

    I’ll be interested to see your review of The Book of Strange New Things. I love The Crimson Petal the the White, although I imagine that the new one is far away from that!

    I would have requested it on netgalley too, but I’m taking a more relaxed attitude to reviewing this year, if you accept something in order to review it it’s just an added pressure.

  4. Isi says:

    I’m just reading a book about eating by Deepak Chopra, and your next week task about stop eating when you are full has reminded me the book 😀
    Good luck!
    Regarding the books, I don’t know any of them.

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