Book review: Disclaimer by Renée Knight

'Disclaimer by Renée KnightDisclaimer: What it is about

From goodreads: “Finding a mysterious novel at her bedside plunges documentary filmmaker Catherine Ravenscroft into a living nightmare. Though ostensibly fiction, The Perfect Stranger recreates in vivid, unmistakable detail the terrible day she became hostage to a dark secret, a secret that only one other person knew—and that person is dead.

Now that the past is catching up with her, Catherine’s world is falling apart. Her only
hope is to confront what really happened on that awful day . . . even if the shocking
truth might destroy her.”

Disclaimer: What I thought

The story is narrated through the viewpoint of two people: Catherine, the woman who
finds the book about herself, and an older man, a widower. After a while, it becomes
clear how the two are related, and the man becomes a threat to her.

The beginning was a little slow, and relied on the fact that Catherine had never told her
husband and son what happened in the past. She never thought anyone would find
out about it, but they do. And soon her husband mistrusts her and her life falls apart.

Her husband seemed to quite easily believe the story he is told, although Catherine
claims it was not like that. She doesn’t get a chance to tell her story, but when she
does, he quite easily believes that as well. I found it a little too convenient how he believed whatever he was told.

Catherine’s character was very convincing. While she should have told others about what happened to her in the past when it did happen, she had a good reason not to. Some interesting developments make this initially slow book a good read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (good)

Number of pages: 352

First published: 2015

I got this: from the publishers for review (E-book via Netgalley)

Genre: Psychological thriller



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2 Responses to Book review: Disclaimer by Renée Knight

  1. I’ve read a couple of reviews of this now and really like the sound of it. It’s a great premise.

  2. Naomi says:

    Thanks for this 🙂 I’ve seen it spoken highly of and the cover is gorgeous, so I hope to get time to check it out for myself.

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