Spotlight: Fathoming Summer by Klara Gitona

Fathoming summer

As you may know, I am the owner of a book editing company, Book Helpline. I’ve been quite quiet about it, but it’s time to show off some of things that have kept me busy.

One of our authors, who recently published her book, is Klara Gitona. Her novel, Fathoming Summer, is a fun story about a young woman who hitch-hikes around Europe during her summer holidays. The only thing she wants is to get from A to B, but the drivers who pick her up often have other ideas.

Here’s the description:

Shortly after the fall of the iron curtain, 18-year old Jana sets off from Czechoslovakia to spend the summer with her British boyfriend, Paul. Refused entry into the UK, this initial setback leads to a journey of discovery, as she embarks on a random hitch-hike through continental Europe and finds that the men she meets are somehow more interesting than sightseeing. Follow Jana on her journey as she begins to explore the fascinating world of men and her own waking sensuality.

This novel is free on Amazon this weekend, so download the e-book and enjoy the ride!

You can find the book here:

If you enjoy the book, why not leave a review on Amazon? A few lines with your thoughts would be lovely! Thanks!


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One Response to Spotlight: Fathoming Summer by Klara Gitona

  1. Lalagè says:

    Sounds very interesting! *download*

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