Read: Lottery by Patricia Wood

Lottery by Patricia Wood

I read this book before, several years ago. Luckily, I tend to forget about plots, so it was more or less a surprise to me what happened in the book. It was “I didn’t see that coming” all the way – except for Perry winning the lottery, but that was a given.

This is the story of thirty-two-year-old Perry who is not retarded, because his IQ is 76, and only people with an IQ of 75 or lower are retarded. But he’s slow, and he knows it.

He lives with his grandmother and doesn’t see much of the rest of his family. So, when his grandmother dies, he’s left to fend for himself, which goes reasonably easy because he has some good friends and a supportive boss. Then Perry wins the lottery, and guess who’s there to help him out with the money? Indeed, the family that never showed an interest in him before.

Perry’s friends try to make Perry see that he should not donate any money to his family because they’re only out to get hold of his millions. Perry, however, is raised to be polite and nice to others, so he can’t say no to anyone who asks him for money. Luckily, he can’t write amounts higher than $500 on each cheque, because his handwriting is rather large. 🙂

A very smooth read. I read it in two days. Bad and good things happen, but I was completely focused on not letting the family get their hands on the money. It felt a bit like a thriller!

A five-star read. I wouldn’t call it literary, but the story is very good.

(My nineteenth book of this year)



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6 Responses to Read: Lottery by Patricia Wood

  1. Too Fond says:

    I read this book a few months back and loved it. I actually listened to the audiobook, and I would recommend it as the narrator does a great job with the different characters. My husband and I still quote it to each other all the time in Keith and Grandma’s voices. 🙂

  2. Isi says:

    I didn’t know the boo, but sounds so good, I have to read it. Just by reading your review I already love Perry 🙂

  3. This sounds like a fun read 🙂 I don’t usually read the book I already read.

    • Leeswammes says:

      I sometimes re-read books that I really enjoyed, Tes. But there are so many other books waiting for me to be read, that I only do it sometimes.

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