Book read: Fatty O’Leary’s Dinner Party by Alexander McCall Smith

fatty I read this very funny book for the Readathon (April 2016).  This short book was highly entertaining and ideal for the readathon.

Fatty O’Leary is a well-proportioned American of Irish descent. Together with his wife Betty, he spends a holiday in Ireland, hoping to find his roots. However, Ireland isn’t prepared for people of Fatty’s size and many things go wrong for him. Is it him or is it the Irish?

Read this when you need a good laugh and see what you think: is that Lord Balnerry playing tricks on him, or is he really just friendly?

The publisher says: “[Fatty O’Leary’s] loving wife Betty plans a trip to Ireland for his 40th birthday and almost immediately things go wrong: the seats in economy class on the plane are too small; Irish bathroom furniture is not as commodious as he’d have liked. And all the time Fatty must put up with the unthinking cruelty of strangers.

In an hilarious and touching portrayal of a kindly and misunderstood soul, McCall Smith has created yet another memorable character who will become an instant favourite to his many fans.”



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3 Responses to Book read: Fatty O’Leary’s Dinner Party by Alexander McCall Smith

  1. I found this book at the Edinburgh Book Fair a fe years ago while I was traveling. I loved it and laughed out loud.

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