November Update

Recently, I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog. I’m still reading quite a bit, but not blogging about it. I thought it’s time for a little update.

What I’ve been reading:


The Sudden Disappearance of Hope by Claire North. Claire North’s protagonists all have some impossible characteristic which make the stories fantasy, while still touching on salient aspects of normal life. In this case, it’s Hope, a woman that people forget. After not having seen her for a few minutes, people don’t know that they’ve ever met her. The result is a lonely life for Hope.

Red Notice by Bill Browder. Non-fiction about the author’s adventures as an investment banker in Russia just after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. And about how things turn sour. He shows how the leading people in Russia are corrupter than ever and don’t mind a few dead bodies to cover up the worst of their actions. Not the sort of story I’m usually interested in but this was great reading!

The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray. I’ve only just started this book, but it seems good fun. About a French banker in Dublin who is being followed around by an author called Paul (!) who wants to write his story.

Last man in Tower by Aravind Adiga. I picked this book up almost exactly a year ago from a hotel book swap shelf in Paris, where I was on holiday with Suzanne. At first, the book was quirky and fun, but it lost its charm at around page 50. I read a bit more but gave up (for now) at page 90. It’s about an apartment building in Mumbai and its inhabitants (fun) and about a developer who wants to buy the building to take it down and build something more profitable (not so fun).

What I’ve been doing:

My book editing business, Book Helpline, is doing well. We’ve helped a lot of writers with their book and a few of them were published this month. We’re proud!

The Secret Billionaire by Teymour Shahabi (YA novel)
The Black Raincoat by Brian Clarke (Short stories)
Week 42 by Emma McClane (Novel)
Behind the Glass by M. Van (Thriller)
A Bleat on a Bleak Winter’s Night by Rosie Button (children’s picture book)

And last, but not least, Book Helpline was chosen as one of the best book editors by Kindle Preneur! kindlepreneur

See you next month!


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11 Responses to November Update

  1. I read Last Man in Tower last year and quite enjoyed it although I admit that it’s not light or fun really, and gets darker the closer it gets to the end of the book. I think it starts out quirky to illustrate how (once) friendly neighbours can turn on each other.

  2. Leslie says:

    I like this idea of a roundup of short reviews. I may borrow it from you.

    It’s been slow at my blog too — I’m still reading, just not getting to the reviews. I’m about 10 or so behind. Product reviews always pick up for me in November in anticipation of Black Friday shopping, and after writing those, I don’t feel like writing more reviews for books. That’s my excuse anyway!

    • Leeswammes says:

      You’re welcome to borrow the idea, Leslie! I thought, better a few short reviews than none at all. I’m also reading but not reviewing. You must have had your fill for this month with reviews! I’m not behind anymore because I don’t expect to review every book now. So relaxing! 🙂

  3. B.B. Toady says:

    I am not familiar with any of the books that you are currently reading, so thanks for sharing. Red Notice sounds interesting.

  4. BookerTalk says:

    I was wondering where you had disappeared to – I guess the business is taking off so much you have no time really for this blogging lark. Just as it should be

  5. Laurie C says:

    Hi, Judith! I also just realized how long it’s been since a post from you popped up in my email inbox! I missed the book blogging community during my unplanned 6-month hiatus, and am still trying to get back into blogging and catch up on other blogs now. I’m glad your business is going so well! I remember when you announced it. Congratulations on the honor from Kindle Preneur, too!

    • Leeswammes says:

      Hi Laurie, yes, I also miss the community. I still follow some people, like you, but it’s not the same as being active myself. Glad you’re back into action!

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