2012 & 2013 Reviews

Reviews of books read (and/or reviewed) in 2012 and 2013. Behind each title in brackets the year the book was first published.

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Mercy (2007) by Jussi Adler-Olsen. Thriller

The Time of My Life (2011) by Cecelia Ahern. Chick-lit, 4.5 stars

A Trick I Learned from Dead Men (2012) by Kitty Aldridge. Contemporary fiction. 5 stars

Untold Story  (2011) by Monica Ali. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Predictably Irrational (2008) by Dan Ariely. Non-fiction, psychology, 4 stars

Miss Me When I’m Gone (2012) by Emily Arsenault. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

The Reconstructionist (2012) by Nick Arvin. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Still (2012) by Roelof Bakker. Short Stories, 4 stars

The Elegance of the Hedgehog (2007) by Muriel Barbery. Contemporary fiction

The Cottage at Glass Beach (2012) by Heather Barbieri. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Sense of an Ending (2011) by Julian Barnes. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

Blood Lure (2001) by Nevada Barr. Thriller, 3.5 stars

Strangers on the 16:02 by Priya Basil. Contemporary fiction. 5 stars

Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber (2010) by Dane Batty. Non-fiction, memoir, crime

Rubbernecker (2013) by Belinda Bauer. Thriller, 5 stars

The School of Essential Ingredients (2009) by Erica Bauermeister. Contemporary fiction, not finised

Agorafabulous! (2012) by Sara Benincasa. Non-fiction, memoir

Choose the Life You Want (2012) by Tal Ben-Shahar. Non-fiction, self-help, 4 stars

MWF Seeking BFF (2011) by Rachel Bertsche. Nonfiction: Memoir, 4 stars

This Year it Will be Different (1996) by Maeve Binchy 4.5 stars

A Virtual Love (2013) by Andrew Blackman. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Pearl Savage (2011) by Tamara Rose Blodgett. Fantasy, 3.5 stars

Away (2007) by Amy Bloom. Historical fiction

San Miguel (2012) by T. C. Boyle. Historical fiction, 3.5 stars

Rejection (2012) by Meagan Bridges. Chick-lit, 4 stars

Letters from Skye (2013) by Jessica Brockmole. Historical fiction, 4 stars

Where the Bodies Are Buried (2011, 2012) by Christopher Brookmyre. Thriller, 4 stars

I Am Max Lamm (2013) by Raphael Brous. Contemporary fiction. 3.5 stars

Notes from a Small Island (1995) by Bill Bryson. Non-fiction, travel, 5 stars

If You Were Here (2013) by Alafair Burke. Mystery, 3.5 stars

Etched in Sand (2013) by Regina Calcaterra. Non-fiction, memoir, 4 stars

Vanity Fare (2013) by Megan Caldwell. Chick-lit, 4 stars

Blameless (2010) by Gail Carriger. Speculative fiction, steampunk

A Land More Kind Than Home (2012) by Wiley Cash.  Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Killer Queens (2013) by Rebecca Chance. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

You Remind Me of Me (2004) by Dan Chaon. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter (2013) by Cassandra Rose Clarke. Science fiction, DNF

The Look of Love (2012) by Mary Jane Clark. Mystery

Ready Player One (2011) by Ernest Cline. Science fiction, 5 stars

Someone Else’s Wedding (2013) by Tamar Cohen. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars
The War of the Wives (2012) by Tamar Cohen. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

The House Girl (2013) by Tara Conklin. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

Life’s a Beach (2007) by Claire Cook. Chick-lit, 3.5 stars.

The Trout Opera (2007) by Matthew Condon (read in 2011). Contemporary fiction

The Orchardist (2012) by Amanda Coplin. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

The Wish List (2013) by Jane Costello. Chick-lit, 4.5 stars

Tulipomania (1999) by Mike Dash. Non-fiction, history, 4.5 stars

The Gargoyle (2008) by Andrew Davidson. Contemporary fiction, historical fiction

Falling Together (2011, 2012) by Marisa de los Santos. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

The Starboard Sea (2012) by Amber Dermont. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

The Sisters Brothers (2011) by Patrick deWitt. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

Norse Greenland (2005) by Jared Diamond. Non-fiction: history, 4.5 stars

A Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens. Classic, 5 stars
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens. Classic, DNF

The Language of Flowers (2011) by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Contemporary fiction

The Tea Rose (2002) by Jennifer Donnelly. Historical fiction, 5 stars

Room (2010) by Emma Emma Donoghue. Contemporary fiction

Without Mercy (2001) by Renate Dorrestein. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

The Infinite Within (2013) by Michael Drakich. Science fiction, 3.5 stars

Cartwheel (2013) by Jennifer Dubois. Mystery, 4 stars

The Power of Habit by Charles Dugitt. Non-fiction, 4 stars

Wild Abandon (2011) by Joe Dunthorne. Contemporary fiction. 3.5 stars

The Circle (2013) by Dave Eggers. Science fiction, 5 stars

A Hologram for the King (2012) by Dave Eggers. 5 stars
Zeitoun (2009) by Dave Eggers. Non-fiction, memoir

What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (2012) by Nathan Englander. Short stories. 3.5 stars

There Was an Old Woman (2013) by Hallie Ephron. Thriller, 4,5 stars

Round House (2012) by Louise Erdrich. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

Cathedral of the Sea (2006) by Ildefonso Falcones. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

Pieces of Light (2013) by Charles Fernyhough. Non-fiction, memory. DNF

Man in the Empty Suit (2013) by Sean Ferrell. Science fiction (DNF)

A Perfect Proposal (2010) by Katie Fforde. Chick-lit, 4 stars.

The Duplicate (2012) by Helen Fitzgerald. Thriller, 4.5 stars

The Reluctant Cannibals (2013) by Ian Flitcroft. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

Beneath the Shadows (2012) by Sara Foster. Thriller, 4 stars

The Collector (1963) by John Fowles. Thriller

A Tiny Bit Marvellous (2010) by Dawn French. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

Schroder (2013) by Amity Gaige. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

My Legendary Girlfriend (1998) by Mike Gayle. 5 stars

The Bone Garden (2007) by Tess Gerritsen. Thriller, 4 stars
The Mephisto Club (2006) by Tess Gerritsen. Thriller, 4 stars.
The Sinner (2003) by Tess Gerritsen. Thriller, 4 stars

Love Virtually (2006, 2011) by Daniel Glattauer. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

The Winemaker (2012) by Noah Gordon. Historical fiction, 5 stars

Christmas Carol (2013) by Michele Gorman. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

The End of the Point (2013) by Elizabeth Graver. Historical fiction, DNF.

The Fault in Our Stars (2012) by John Green. Contemporary fiction, YA. 4 stars

The Travel Auction (2012) by Mark Green. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

Triburbia (2012) by Karl Taro Greenfeld. Contemporary fiction. 3.5 stars

The Mall (2011) by S. L. Grey. Science fiction. 4.5 stars

The Magician King (2011) by Lev Grossman. Fantasy, 4 stars

One Breath Away (2012) by Heather Gudenkauf. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

The Red House (2012) by Mark Haddon. Contemporary fiction. 3 stars

The Humans by Matt Haig (2012). Science Fiction, 5 stars.

Miracle on Regent Street (2011) by Ali Harris. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

A Father’s Son (2013) by Richard Harris. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

172 Hours on the Moon (2008) by Johan Harstad. YA, science fiction, 4.5 stars

The Treatment (2001). by Mo Hayder. Thriller, 5 stars

Dark Tide  (2012) by Elizabeth Haynes. Thriller, 4 stars
Into the Darkest Corner (2012) by Elizabeth Haynes. Thriller, 4.5 stars

The Dog Stars (2012) by Peter Heller. Post-apocalyptic fiction, 5 stars.

The Devotion of Suspect X (2005) by Keigo Higashino. Thriller, 4.5 stars

Salvation of a Saint (2012) by Keigo Higashino. Thriller, 4 stars.

N0S4A2 (2013) by Joe Hill. Fantasy. 5 stars

A Gift to Remember (2013) by Melissa Hill. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

The Bee-Loud Glade (2011) by Steve Himmer. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Prior Bad Acts (2006) by Tami Hoag. Thriller, 4 stars

The River King (2000) by Alice Hoffman. Contemporary fiction. 3.5 stars

The End of Alice (1996) by A. M. Homes. Contemporary fiction
May We Be Forgiven (2012) by A. M. Homes. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Hairdresser of Harare (2010) by Tendai Huchu. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

Nocturnes (2009) by Kazuo Ishiguro. Short stories, 4 stars

Between a Rock and a Hot Place (2012) by Tracey Jackson. Non-fiction, memoir, 5 stars

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011) by E. L. James. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

Being Lara (2012) by Lola Jaye. Contemporary fiction

The Finkler Question (2010) by Howard Jacobson,  Contemporary fiction, not finished

Perfect People (2011) by Peter James. Science fiction, 4.5 stars

The Uninvited (2013) by Liz Jensen. Science fiction, 5 stars

Lighthouse Island (2013) by Paulette Jiles. Science fiction, dystopia, 4.5 stars

Tongue (2007) by Kyung Ran Jo. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Perfect (2013) by Rachel Joyce. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

The Orphan Master’s Son (2011) by Adam Johnson. Contemporary fiction, 3 stars

On the Road to Mr. Right (2006) by Belinda Jones. Chick-lit, 3.5 stars

The Uninvited Guests (2012) by Sadie Jones. Historical fiction, 5 stars

Mudbound (2008) by Hillary Jordan. Historical fiction, 5 stars

The Rock Star in Seat 3A (2012) by Jill Kargman. Contemporary fiction, chick-lit, 2.5 stars

The Lens and the Looker (2011) by Lory S. Kaufman. YA Science fiction, time travel, 4 stars.

11/22/63 (2011) by Stephen King. Science fiction, 4.5 stars

Flight Behavior (2012) by Barbara Kingsolver. Contemporary fiction. 5 stars

I’ve Got Your Number (2012) by Sophie Kinsella. Chick-lit, 3.5 stars

The Dinner (2010) by Herman Koch. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train (2012) by William Kuhn. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri (2008) Short stories, 4.5 stars.

The Devil in Silver (2013) by Victor LaValle. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

Fingerprints (2012) by Marcia Leonard. Mystery, 4.5 stars

The Tall Tale of Tommy Twice (2012) by Nathan Leslie. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

The Secrets of Mary Bowser (2012) by Lois Leveen. Historical fiction, 4 stars

Swimming Home (2011, 2012) by Deborah Levy. Contemporary fiction. 4 stars

Various Pets Alive and Dead (2012) by Marina Lewycka. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars

The First Book of Calamity Leek (2013) by Paula Lichtarowicz. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

The Flight of Gemma Hardy (2012) by Margot Livesey (read in 2011). Historical fiction

Afterwards (2012) by Rosamund Lupton. Mystery, 4.5 stars

Sister (2011) by Rosamund Lupton. Thriller, 4 stars

A Beautiful Truth (2013) by Colin McAdam. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Have Wormhole, Will Travel (2013) by Tony McFadden Science Fiction, 3.5 stars

This is How it Ends (2012) by Kathleen MacMahon. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Borrower (2011) by Rebecca Makkai. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Long Shadow (2013) by Liza Marklund. Thriller, 4 stars

Vanished (2000) by Liza Marklund. Thriller, 5 stars

I Am Legend (1954) by Richard Matheson. Speculative fiction, science fiction, dystopia

The Rise and Fall of a Domestic Diva (2009) by Sarah May. Contemporary fiction

The Truth About Love & Lightning (2013) by Susan McBride. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

First You Try Everything (2012) by Jane McCafferty (read in 2011). Contemporary fiction

Not a Drop to Drink (2013) by Mindy McGinnis. Science fiction, dystopia, 5 stars

Arranged (2011, 2012) by Catherine McKenzie. Contemporary fiction, chick-lit, 4.5 stars
Forgotten (2012) by Catherine McKenzie. Contemporary fiction. 4.5 stars
Spin (2009, 2012) by Catherine McKenzie. Contemporary fiction

The Heart Broke In (2012) by James Meek. Contemporary fiction. 3.5 stars

The Other Life (2011) by Ellen Meister. Speculative fiction, 3.5 stars

Cover of Snow (2013) by Jenny Milchman. Mystery, did not finish

The Ghost of Neil Diamond (2008) by David Milnes. Contemporary fiction, 3 stars

Ghostwritten (1999) by David Mitchell (DNF). Contemporary fiction, not finished.

The Snow Whale (2011) by John Minichillo. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Orchard of Lost Souls (2013) by Nadifa Mohamed. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

5 Reasons to Leave a Lover (2011) by Carolyn Moncel. Contemporary fiction

The Book of Why (2013) by Nicholas Montemarano. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Four Fingers of Death (2010) by Rick Moody. Science fiction, 4 stars

Heft (2012) by Liz Moore. Contemporary fiction. 5 stars

How to Be a Woman (2011, 2012) by Caitlin Moran. Non-fiction, memoir, 3 stars

Beloved (1987) by Toni Morrison. Historical fiction, 3.5 stars

The Secret Keeper (2012) by Kate Morton. Historical fiction, 4 stars.

The Returned (2013) by Jason Mott. Science fiction, 4 stars

The Thief (2009) by Fuminori Nakamura. Contemporary fiction. 5 stars

The Snowman (2007) by Jo Nesbo. Thriller

A Monster Calls (2011) by Patrick Ness.  YA, Fantasy, 4 stars

John Saturnall’s Feast (2012) by Lawrence Norfolk. Historical fiction, not finished

Reach for a Different Sun (2011) by Jenni O’Connor. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Star of the Sea (2002) by Joseph O’Connor. Historical fiction, 5 stars.

Closed Doors (2013) by Lisa O’Donnell. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars
The Death of Bees (2012) by Lisa O’Donnell. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Songs for the Missing (2008) by Stewart O’Nan. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Half Brother (2011) by Kenneth Oppel.  YA, historical fiction, 4.5 stars

The Holdout (2013) by Laurel Osterkamp. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

More Like Her (2012) by Liza Palmer. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Turnaround (2008) by George Pelecanos. Contemporary fiction, mystery, 3.5 stars

Starters (2012) by Lissa Price. YA Science fiction, 4 stars.

Every Last One (2010) by Anna Quindlen. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Imperfectionists (2010) by Tom Rachman. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

Flamenco Baby (2013) by Cherry Radford. Contemporary fiction, DNF.

Waterline (2010, 2012) by Ross Raisin. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Virals by Kathy Reichs. Thriller, YA, 3 stars

The Starlite Drive-in (1997, 2011) by Marjorie Reynolds. Contemporary / historical fiction

The River of No Return (2013) by Bee Ridgway. Time travel, historical fiction, 4 stars

The Discovery of Jeanne Baret (2010, 2011) by Glynis Ridley. Non-fiction, hystory

The Whole Golden World (2013) by Kristina Riggle. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

Amity & Sorrow (2013) by Peggy Riley. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

The Lifeboat (2012) by Charlotte Rogan. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

Just in Case (2006) by Meg Rosoff.  YA,  Contemporary  fiction, 3.5 stars

The Casual Vacancy (2012) by J. K. Rowling. Contemporary  fiction, 5 stars

The Little Prince (1943) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Children’s book, 3 stars

The Double by José Saramago. Literary fiction, speculative fiction, 4 stars

The First Warm Evening of the Year (2012) by Jamie M. Saul. Contemporary fiction, 3 stars

The Taste of Tomorrow (2012)by Josh Schonwald. Non-fiction, food, 4 stars

An Equal Music (1999) by Vikram Seth. Contemporary fiction

Important Artifacts […] by Leanne Shapton. Story in photos. 4 stars.

Big Brother (2013) by Lionel Shriver. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars.

Love Water Memory (2013) by Jennie Shortridge. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

My Soul To Take (2006) by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir. Mystery, 5 stars

The Story of Beautiful Girl (2011) by Rachel Simon. Historical fiction

The Rosie Project (2013) by Graeme Simsion. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Miracle Inspector (2010) by Helen Smith. Dystopian fiction, 4.5 stars

Dinner at Mine (2012) by Chris Smyth. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

This Bright River (2012) by Patrick Somerville. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The Light Between Oceans (2012) by M. L. Stedman. Historical fiction, 4 stars

Of Mice and Men (1937) by John Steinbeck. Classic

Battle Royale (1999) by Koushun Takami. Speculative fiction, science fiction

Children of the Fog (2011) by Cheryl Kaye Tardif. Mystery, 3.5 stars

The Perfume Collector (2013) by Kathleen Tessaro. Historical fiction. 5 stars

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year (2012) by Sue Townsend. Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Genus (2011) by Jonathan Trigell. Science fiction, Dystopia, 5 stars

The Shoemaker’s Wife (2012) by Adriani Trigiani. Historical fiction, 4 stars
The Supreme Macaroni Company (2013) by Adriana Trigiani. Contemporary fiction, 3.5 stars

The World We Found (2012) by Thrity Umrigar (read in 2011). Contemporary fiction

Dirt (2012) by David Vann. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

Goat Mountain (2013) by David Vann. Contemporary fiction, did not finish

Cutting for Stone (2009) by Abraham Verghese (read in 2011). Historical fiction

What I Did (2011, 2012) by Christopher Wakling. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Submission (2011) by Amy Waldman. Contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

The Age of Miracles/ (2012) by Karen Thompson Walker. Science fiction, 4 stars

Charlotte Street (2011, 2012) by Danny Wallace. Contemporary fiction.4.5 stars

POD (2009) by Stephen Wallenfels. Science fiction, YA, 4 stars

Beautiful Ruins (2012) by Jess Walter. Historical fiction, contemporary fiction, 4.5 stars

Stay Close to Me (2012) by Helen Warner. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars

The River (2004) by Tricia Wastvedt. Historical fiction, DNF.

Eleven (2010) by Mark Watson (read in 2011). Contemporary fiction

The Unseen (2011, 2012) by Katherine Webb. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars

The Apple Orchard (2013) by Susan Wiggs. Contemporary fiction, 4 stars.

Fondly (2013) by Colin Winnette. Short stories, 4 stars

Elegy for Eddie (2012) by Jacqueline Winspear. Mystery

Annabel (2011) by Kathleen Winter. Fiction. 4 stars

Lost & Found (2013) by Tom Winter.  Contemporary fiction, 5 stars

Kitchen (1993) by Banana Yoshimoto (read in 2011). Contemporary fiction

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (2010) by Charles Yu. Science fiction, 3.5 stars

Harlequin’s Costume (2001, 2013) by Leonid Yuzefovich. Historical fiction, mystery. 4 stars.

The Prisoner of Heaven (2012) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Historical fiction, 4.5 stars


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