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Nigella Christmas This beautiful book I received just a few days before Christmas: I won it (the Dutch version) from a Dutch website: watleesjij (whatareyoureading), a sort of Dutch Goodreads. The book is Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson, a well-known t.v. cook in England.

The book contains a lot of recipes for Christmas. As the author is English, expect the ubiquitous turkey, parsnip, sprouts and stuffing (as well as lots and lots of other great recipes).

I’ve been eating this same Christmas dinner for about 20 years so I’m not likely to make it myself. (There’s nothing wrong with it, my mother in law cooks it beautifully, but you can’t really get away from it when you celebrate Christmas in England. I’m all for a change).

If you’d like the traditional English Christmas dinner you’re in the right place, but there are also many, many other recipes, that would do well at another celebration, to enjoy casually with friends or even to make for your family on a weekday. I’m definitely going to cook or bake something for New Year’s eve from this book!

I’d like to share a recipe: Chestnut and Chocolate Pots

Chestnut and Chocolate Pots

Photographed from the book

This looks delicious and I may try and make it for New Year. The trying bit is getting hold of chestnut puree, which I know I can get in England (I even know what the English can looks like!), but maybe not so easily in the Netherlands.

Chestnut and Chocolate Pots: What you need

175 gr (6 oz) dark chocolate of the finest quality

1.75 deciliter (6 fl. oz) double cream (more if you supply some for your guests to add to their pot)

0.75 deciliter (2.5 fl. oz) full-fat milk

1 egg

250 gr (0.5 lb/ 9 oz) can pureed chestnut

2 table spoons (30 ml, 1 fl. oz) dark rum (possibly, I’ll leave this out because of my kids!)

Chestnut and Chocolate Pots: How to prepare

  • Use the kitchen machine or muscle power to break the chocolate into tiny pieces.
  • Heat the double cream and the milk until almost boiling and pour it in the kitchen machine (I don’t have one so mine is going to be mixed by hand, or with a simple mixer).
  • Let the machine work for another 30 seconds, break the egg and add it and turn the machine on for another 45 seconds.
  • Add the pureed chestnut and the rum and let the machine work until everything is thoroughly mixed.
  • Use a rubber spatula to fill 6 little 1,25 deciliter (4 fl. oz) glasses or pots.
  • Put a small jug with cream (not whipped) on the table so people can add some to their chocolate pot if they want to.

The book

I think this is a great book and I’m looking forward to make many recipes from it. Anyway, I squealed when I received the book (I wasn’t previously notified that I had won it).

After Christmas it still makes a great present for people that love to cook for themselves, for friends or entertain more seriously. Most recipes are easy to make and sometimes include factory-prepared ingredients so you don’t have to make everything from scratch. Although you could too, if you wanted to.

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