In Case of Emergency, Aim for the Head by Berti Walker

In Case of Emergency by Berti Walker


As many of you know, I have my own book editing company, Book Helpline. Today I want to show you one of the books that we recently edited and that came out last month.

In Case of Emergency, Aim for the Head by Bert Walker is a novel about a strange little town where the sheriff has plans of actions for all kinds of emergencies. When one of these emergencies emerges, the people of the town take it a little too far, with disastrous results.

Here’s the official blurb:

Paxton and his mother move to Lost Creek, to escape his violent father. The use of internet is frowned upon in this strange little town, where the local Sheriff has made detailed plans for calamities from zombie wars to holocausts. When Paxton, an avid gamer, has finally settled into a life without internet, calamity strikes and Paxton and his mother are suddenly at the forefront of the action.

Some people think editing is all about spelling and grammar, but with this book, I did a developmental edit. That means that I went through the manuscript and made comments and suggestions to do with the story line, the characters, the pacing, logic, inconsistencies, and other things like that. Not every self-publishing author goes for a developmental edit, although every (every!) novel does need one. In Case of Emergency was already very good, and it’s even better now! 🙂

This was a really fun book to work on. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, have a look at the Amazon page. The cover shows an armadillo, which features in an elusive way in the book.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished working on another few books. I hope to tell you about them in the near future! 🙂


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