Soulless by Gail Carriger

Soulless by Gail Carriger


I read Soulless (2009) because of the Steampunk Challenge. This challenge is an exploration of the steampunk genre, which is ideal for me, because I hadn’t read anything in this genre until I read Soulless.

The story takes place in Victorian England. Supernatural beings are accepted and integrated members of society. Although there are also ghosts, we only learn about werewolves and vampires.

Alexia Tarabotti is a spinster of 25 who goes to parties just to chaperone her younger step-sisters. She is not expected to find a man for herself. Still, she is special in a way, because she is a preternatural, which is the opposite of supernatural: she has no soul. When she touches a vampire or werewolf, they lose their supernatural powers.

At the beginning of the book we find her killing a rove vampire who has tried to attack her. Soon, Lord Maccon and his crew are present to find out what happened. Lord Maccon and Alexia can’t stand each other. He’s Scottish, loud, big and a werewolf. He works for the Bureau of Unnatural Registry, a civil service division.

The vampire she killed has not been registered anywhere and Alexia goes on a quest to discover the origins of the rove vampires (several more have been discovered). Lord Maccon is on the same quest and they find themselves in each other’s company quite a bit. Such a pity they can’t stand each other!

There is a kidnapping, some really gory experiments, a gay vampire, a love interest, a romance, and lots more. The steampunk element was not strong. There were a few items, such as a tea maker on a carriage but it seemed a bit unnecessary and redundant.

In all, I loved reading this story. The writing style was very funny and uplifting. Even the gory parts and the romantic parts were described in a way that hinted at a lot but didn’t spell it out.

Rating: 5/5

I got this book: via Bookmooch as I wanted to read it for the Steampunk challenge

I read this in: the original language, English.

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