Book Review: Love on Location by Cassidy Carter


An enjoyable story about two friends and their rundown campground.

Wyatt and Delaney have known each other forever but only now realize there might be more between them than friendship. However, the arrival of Alexandra, the glamorous host of the business TV show that their campground is featured in, changes everything. There’s tension everywhere and Delaney quickly develops a disliking toward Alexandra, who seems eager to be involved with more than just the campground.

The pacing of the story is a little slow, but that works well, given the laid-back nature of the campground. The description of the surroundings is such that I could almost smell the pine trees! It really felt as if I was present with the characters, whether in the office, the Bean Pot restaurant, the cabins, or the pier.

The local characters are generally lovable, quirky people, who have worked at the Pines for as long as anyone can remember. The TV people also seem to be a friendly lot, apart from Alexandra, who is not to be trusted.

This is a sweet, clean story that makes a good read on an afternoon in the sun. It will certainly get you in the mood for a holiday!

Disclosure: Cassidy Carter is a colleague of mine.

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