Quick Book Review: Gone: Light by Michael Grant

Light by Michael GrantRating: 4/5
Number of pages: 368 (my Dutch copy)
First published: 2013 (Dutch edition, 2013, Gone: Licht)
Genre: science fiction, YA
I got this book: from the library
Extra: Also see my reviews of Book 3 (in English), Book 4 (in Dutch), and Book 5 (in English)

This is the sixt and final book in the Gone series, a series about a large group of children who are locked inside a very large dome, spanning many miles. They cannot get out and food and water are running low. There are opposing factions that all want to control or sabotage the town they live in. There is also a dark force that is persuading some of the children to work for it.

Some children have special powers, such as being very strong, able to make light, run very fast, etc. They use these powers in their struggle to survive but also against each other.

In this final installment, the dome is see-through and the children can see their parents inside the dome. This causes a problem: many children stay near the dome perimeter to see their parents, rather than working on the fields and gathering food. Also, the dark force has started on its big plans to conquer all.

I liked this book better than some of the others, because it really had the feel that something finally was happening. Some of the other books seemed like “place holders” for the story to continue without there being a clear end in sight. So, I liked this, and I also liked how we get some of the story past the grand finale so we have some idea what happens to the children next.

A fun series, that could have been one or two books shorter. Worth a read, though.

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