Dystopian Challenge Completed!

If you’ve followed my blog over the summer you will have noticed a large number of dystopian book reviews. Some people have started to look at me for suggestions on dystopian books and I’ve been asked to do a guest post on dystopia. Seems like I’ve become an expert in just 3 months!

No, the fact is, I was doing a Dystopian Challenge! This challenge, hosted by Parajunkee, ran from January 1st through to August 24th (the release date of Mockingjay). However, I only found out about the challenge in May, by which time I happened to have read a few Dystopian books.

A dystopia is a society after some great disaster or change has taken place (post-apocalyptic), life is not as easy as it was. The main character in a dystopian book generally does not accept society as easily as most other people do and joins up with like-minded people to try and change their situation.

There were 3 levels to the challenge: 5, 10, or 20 books. I was planning to read just 10, but when I got to 12 (as you do), I thought it would be a pity to stop now, and I decided to go for the full 20. But in the end that meant I had to read at least 1, but often 2, dystopian novels per week.

I realized that there are many YA dystopian novels but there didn’t seem to be an awful lot of adult dystopian novels, so I decided to start a list of dystopian novels for adults. With help of my blog readers, that list now contains 38 novels and is of course far from complete but it was useful when choosing the next book to read. I didn’t have too much choice as lots of the books were not available in the library.

But in the end, I got there: 20 books! I can now proudly call myself a Dystopian Junkee.

Below is what I read. I am well aware that not all books would be labeled dystopian by a purist, but many of the books were in the dystopian novels list on Wikipedia, and that is good enough for me.

  1. The Stand by Stephen King (Finished January, 30th, 2010)
  2. Gone by Michael Grant (Finished March 13th, 2010)
  3. Hunger by Michael Grant (Finished April 5th, 2010)
  4. The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall (Finished April 6th, 2010)
  5. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Finished April 22, 2010)
  6. Sulphuric Acid by Amelie Nothomb (Finished May 2nd, 2010)
  7. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Finished May 12th, 2010)
  8. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (Finished June 6th, 2010)
  9. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Finished June 9th, 2010)
  10. The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq (Finished June 13th, 2010)
  11. The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson (Finished June 24th, 2010)
  12. The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist (Finished June 28th, 2010)
  13. The Running Man by Stephen King (Finished July 5th, 2010)
  14. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (Finished July 12th, 2010)
  15. The Crysalids by John Wyndham (Finished July 19th, 2010)
  16. The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood (Finished July 21st, 2010)
  17. Feed by M. T. Anderson (Finished July 24th, 2010)
  18. Jennifer Government by Max Barry (Finished July 30th, 2010)
  19. Blindness by Jose Saramago (Finished August 9th, 2010)
  20. The Traveler by John Twelve Hakws (Finished August 18, 2010)

Finished this challenge on August, 18, 2010.

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I'm owner and editor at bookhelpline.com and bookhelpline.nl. We edit books and articles for independent writers.

8 Responses to Dystopian Challenge Completed!

  1. Heather says:

    I am so excited to see your list! I also read a bunch of dystopian novels over the last several months. My favorite of what you read is The Stand. I think that it is overlooked as a classic 20th century novel because Stephen King is a horror writer (and who takes them seriously?!?). I need a break from dystopia or I may start hoarding canned goods, but I am going to check out some of your other suggestions.

    • leeswammes says:

      Ha ha, Heather! Hoarding canned goods! Really it’s not a ridiculous idea when you think of all the disasters that are happening all over the world these days! On the other hand, from reading dystopia novels you might get the idea that the end is nigh! 🙂

  2. Miel Abeille says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  3. gnoegnoe says:

    Well done on your Dystopian Challenge! I especially respect your effort in blogging reviews… I find that more difficult than reading! LOL

    • leeswammes says:

      Thanks, Gnoe. I rarely get behind with reviews because I forget what I read quite quickly. It’s not always my favorite job, but when I start it, I usually get into it and manage to write something (hopefully) useful about the book.

  4. stilettostorytime says:

    Well…well…My fellow Dystopian Junkee! We made it! I am proud you made it through Blindness…I just can’t do that one…a little too much for me! However I agree reading dystopian does make one want to hit the grocery store and load up on the canned items…especially peaches…seems they are always eating peaches for some reason! =)


    • leeswammes says:

      Peaches seem to be the thing that left in the cupboards when everything else has been eaten, I think! I’d eat the baked beans first, how about you? 🙂

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